Q. May I distribute your translations?
A. Yes, of course!  Only if you don’t copy-paste it and remember to link it back to us or just direct them to the posts.

Q. Do you post rumours?
A. Absolutely out of the question! All news posted up are all sourced from official sites or newsletters that we recieve. If we’re unsure of the news, we’ll state so.

(In any way, this quite irked fellow friend and staff, Mari-chan otherwise known Mariko when people posted up links to our blog and states that it maybe a rumor. To clear the record about the second episode of the broadcast of ~secondo passo~, we first found it out from the wallpaper that the official site distributed then later there’s a (official) announcement from the official site. So, is there any reason for us to spread rumours? No, I don’t really think so.)


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