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Tears to Tiara’s final DVD/Blu-ray update

This post is long overdue, right on topic.

This very final volume of Tears to Tiara will feature my favourite…. Riannon and Primula! 😀 It will be released on January 20th, 2010! Contains episode 24 to 26, 3 episodes in total.

Extras include a second collection of PVs and CMs. Also not to forget is the sticker poster included in limited editions, featuring Riannon!!

Please support the fandom and hardworking staff that brought us such a wonderful anime by purchasing official releases. It is already licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks, distributed by Section23 Films with English subtitles and no dubbing.  

Finally, a big thank you to Animax Asia for bringing it’s first simulcast!


Tears to Tiara DVD/Blu-ray volume 7!

Yes, the 7th volume of the Tears to Tiara series will be releasing on December 16th, 2009! It will contain 3 episodes in total, from episode 21 to 23.

As usual, the limited edition has:

  • A sticker poster featuring Arawn and Arthur
  • A 20-page full colour booklet
  • Deluxe 1-piece casing

With extras like:

  • PV and CM collection 1

It’s been such a long time since there’s a Tears‘ update.. *weeps* See you for the 8th and final volume of Tears to Tiara!~


Tears to Tiara volume 5 released and volume 6 information!

Hi guys, it’s been a while (well, probably it’s not a while, sorry -_-;) since I’ve updated on Tears’ DVD and Blu-ray releases, I thought I posted up vol.4’s information but it seems like I didn’t… Nope, it was posted but I missed the post myself ._.

Okay, like it was posted previously, the sticker poster features Taliesin and Epona (what a cute couple XD). 

The 20-page full colour booklet found in the limited pressing of both the Blu-ray and DVD features Morgan’s seiyuu, Mai Nakahara! It seems like she is revealing a few secrets on how she voiced Morgan… Nakahara-san voiced Midori in Midori Days so for her to voice Morgan was quite a different character than Midori =)

 The staff interview features art director and colour designer for the series Hoki-san and Satou-san. I think that the production scale for the series was larger than any other normal anime series out there and the staff tells us how hard is their work for the production.

Yeah, volume 6 features Epona and Taliesin~ The episodes collected in this volume are episode 18, Kikan(or Return in English) to episode 20, Lucifer,  a total of 3 episodes.

The character sticker poster for the volume shows Primula alone while the previous sticker posters all feature a pair of characters together. A creditless ending sequence of weeping alone by Aira Yuuki will be collected with the episodes. The character sticker poster is only included in the limited pressing of the DVD and Blu-ray release.

The 6th volume of Tears to Tiara for DVD and Blu-ray will be on sale on November 18.

See you guys next time~

Tears’ ending tonight!

Okay guys, if you have been following Tears to Tiara, the last episode will be aired tonight.

I’m really anxious to watch the last episode tomorrow and so I hope a spectacular ending (if I were to say ‘happy ending’, it will too childish and wishful, isn’t it?) especially after hearing Arawn-sama saying, ‘my wife, Riannon’! Calling her after they assembled together in the top of the tower XD

Everyone, please go watch the last episode tonight! Celebrate the ending and support the fandom by not downloading the episodes, music or anything else and buy them. If not, at least just repeating them off Youtube or Nico Nico Douga wouldn’t hurt as much as downloading them. Support the lovely artistes who sing the OP and EDs!

P.S: Have you played Mystery of Avalon? 🙂

Tears to Tiara DVD/CD update!

Firstly, a second soundtrack for the series titled Original Soundtrack Vol.2 also by composer Takayuki Hattori, costing ¥2,858, (if including taxes ¥3,000)  is to be released on September 30th, 2009 bearing the catalogue number of LACA-5964.

Finally, the 5th volume of DVD and Blu-ray is to be released on October 21st, 2009, featuring Gaius and his second-in command, Decimus on the cover. This volume contains episodes 15~17.

Specifications for the limited edition (both Blu-ray and DVD)

  • A sticker poster featuring Epona and Taliesin
  • A 20-page full colour booklet
  • Deluxe 1-piece casing
  • Creditless 1st ending theme sequence

Please support the series by getting the CDs and DVDs/Blu-ray! All the staff worked hard producing the series, please give them a hand by buying the items!


Tears to Tiara CD update~

There’s a drama CD set to be released on October 7th, 2009, priced at ¥2,857 (¥ 3,000, if tax included) and the ending theme single “weeping alone” by singer Aira Yūki was already released on August 26th, 2009!

Please support the fandom and artists by purchasing the respective CDs!


PS: The track listing and CD info about the Neoromance Honey Series will be up soon! ^__^

Tears Volume 4 out!

Hey, volume 3 was already out yesterday! Right on to the details of volume 4, the cover will feature Llyr and Rathty, containing episodes 12 to 14.

As usual, the limited edition of both Blu-ray and DVD volumes will have a sticker poster. It features Lidia and Octavia this time. Furthermore, there’s something else included that I couldn’t understand. a creditless opening sequence is included.

It is set to be released on September 16th, 2009! Please don’t forget that Mystery of Avalon is also being released on the next day, September 17th!

Here are the pictures: