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AirAsia’s RedTix trying to bring a Japanese band to Malaysia!!!

Yes, guys! Well, my main objective is to spread the word to get people rooting for UVERworld!

Among other artistes including Mika Nakashima, VAMPS, NEWS, ARASHI and KAT-TUN.

Those who have a Facebook account may vote here:

There’s no guarantee that the band that has the highest votes gets to perform here, but your vote certainly counts! ^_~

To fans from other countries, you may vote too! Come visit Malaysia while coming for UVER’s live performance 😀

(Edit: The poll has been removed but if memory serves me right… the band with the highest votes is *coughscoughsUVERworld*..)


About RedTix:

RedTix is a subsidiary of Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, AirAsia.

From their official Facebook profile, is the hottest, smartest new way to book tickets to an international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more.


UVERworld’s 15th single release date decided!!!

It has been announced that the band’s 15th single will be released on March 31st, 2010!!!!

More details to come…


UVERworld in charge of theme song for the theatrical release of Mobile Suit Gundam 00!

It has been announced at the ‘Information’ section of UVERworld’s official Sony site that they are in charge of the theme song for the theatrical release of Mobile Suit Gundam 00!

Details are not confirmed yet so more information as they come!

UVERworld’s best album compilation: Neo Sound Best!!

Hi there! I’ve got a scoop~

UVERworld will be releasing their very first best album compilation titled, Neo Sound Best on December 12, 2009!

The collected tracks for this CD are

  1. D-tecnoRize
  2. Chance! (Re-Sing ver.)
  3. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi 
  4. Roots 
  5. Gekidou
  6. 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu 
  7. Zero no Kotae 
  8. Shaka Beach ~Laka Laka La~
  9. Ukiyo Crossing 
  10. Shamrock 
  11. Yasashisa no Shizuku 
  12. Monochrome ~Kizukenakatta devotion~
  13. Kimi no Suki no Uta
  14. Koishikute 
  15. Kanashimi wa Kitto 
  16. D-tecnoLife

D-technoRize will be the 2009 re-recording for their track from their indie days while a new mix of Chance! will be included as well.

Limited pressing will include a Special DVD and a 3-piece sleevecase. Note that those marked with an asterisk are the same footage from the Awakeve Tour ’09 DVD.

The Special DVD include extra footages from their Awakeve Tour ’09 Yokohama Blitz of Unknown Orchestra*, Hakanaku no Towa mo Kanashi, Corona, ai ta Kokoro*, 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu, Hissei Satsuki Prologue, Kami Atsume, Nitro, Roots and Gekidou; footage of Shamrock performed during the Proglution Tour 2008 NHK Hall and brand new ancient from the 2008 Premium Live at Nippon Budoukan.

The limited pressing of the best album compilation will cost 3,500 yen while the normal pressing cost 3,059 yen, all including taxes.

For those who purchase the limited pressing, there will be a special wrapping and a special-made UVERworld Christmas card!

[Update#1]: A special poster will be given out to customers who buy the limited and regular pressing of the album in stores as well as in online stores.

[Update#2]: The cover has been revealed by Oricon here for the limited pressing cover and here which looks like a poster for the limited pressing. Here is the cover for the regular pressing.

[Update#3]: The list of online stores that will have the poster together with the limited pressing are Sony Music Shop, HMV Online, Neowing (or otherwise known as CDJapan) and Guru Guru King for those buying online.  Only HMV Online and Neowing are sending overseas. There is a full list of stores broadcasting the TV spot of the release here as well as the stores having the posters in Japan here.

[Update#4]: I think I made a mistake here. The regular pressings will also have the poster if you buy it from the shops mentioned in the previous update.

[Update#5]: Note by Mariko, the regular pressing just doesn’t have the Special DVD like the limited pressing, only the poster etc.

[Update#6]: More stores in Japan has been included to have posters together with the CD as well as the the stores airing the video for the release of Neo Sound Best.

Kanashimi wa Kitto’s PV out!

I know I’m a bit late (hey, I didn’t check my Facebook until just now) but here‘s the PV!

The updates for UVERworld are only until the release of their 14th single, Kanashimi wa Kitto since I’m unable to catch up to much of their stuff -_-;

Kanashimi wa Kitto’s TV spot up!

The 14th single, Kanashimi wa Kitto’s TV spot is already up! You can watch it here.

Kanashimi wa Kitto music video out on October 19th!

Hi there! I just recieved word that the band’s 14th single, Kanashimi wa Kitto‘s music video is out! The music video will be broadcasted in M-ON TV’s Sakidori! segment and the first broadcast will be on October 19, 2009 at 12.ooam to 12.20am.

The repeats are on Tuesday, October 20th at 6.30am to 6.50am and with the last repeat at 5pm to 5.20pm.

It seems that the segment broadcasts music clips of Western music….