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Neoromance +

Neoromance (pronounced as Plus) is Koei’s label of Neoromance’s media products like drama and music CDs.

They have set up a official account at MySpace since July this year. At their MySpace, a 40-second preview of a number of character songs is available. Not only that, there’s also short video commentaries by 2 voice actors from the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de series.

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Aira Yuuki’s Hoshi wo Motomete released!

It’s been a long while ^^/ Amaya here to report Yuuki-san’s 8th single, Hoshi wo Motomete, literally ‘Seeking for the Stars’ has been released on October 27!

Yay~ It will be the theme song for the OVA of Armored Trooper Votoms Case;Irvine which will be shown in Japanese theaters starting from November 6 ^-^

The title track is written by Aki Hata with composition by Katsuhiko Kurosu, who composed her track for oratorio, sola’s image album, Miageru Ano Sora de. The coupling song, Chivalry Story is written and composed by Hiroyuki Ohno.

Kurosu’s composition is brilliant and I can’t wait to listen more! ^O^ Ohno’s composition for Chivalry Story sounds wonderful and this is a very solid track, from the previews that I listened. I can’t wait to hear more from both composers! You can find Kurosu’s home page here (

You can preview the songs here

On another side, Aira Yuuki has been hosting a digital radio show, Yuuka to Aira Radio Hako’iri Hime on Chou! A+G with Yuuka Nanri.

You can find their blog here and their past episodes in NicoNico Douga ^w^Their title in Japanese: 侑香とアイラのRadioはこいり姫

That’s all for now ~ ❤

Aira Yuuki and Yuuka Nanri collaboration act announced!

There is no official word on this but revealed by the attendees of the Aira Yuuki and Ceui two-man live performance, Aira Yuuki revealed that she will be part of a unit with Yuuka Nanri starting from October 2010!

I can’t wait what Aira Yuuki is contributing to the unit >W< (squeals)

Aira Yuuki’s 7th single, out on July 21st 2010!~

This promotional video above contains the partial opening theme (sung by Aira Yuuki) for the upcoming light novel series adapted to anime, Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu.

It will airing every Thursday beginning on July 1st, 2010 by TV Tokyo at 2.15 am. Followed on the next day by TV Osaka, the station will broadcast episodes every Friday at 3.35 am.

TV Aichi will broadcast the series, with its first episode airing on July 7th at 2.58 am and following episodes will be aired every Wednesday.

※Information might be subjected to change at a later time.

The opening theme is titled “Lament ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~” coupled with Ceui’s “Truth of My Destiny” as the ending theme.  No futher details of B-sides of respective singles as of yet.

“Truth of My Destiny” is to be released on August 11th,2010.

PS: The video is uploaded by the anime series’ official Youtube channel, therefore this material is will be embedded in this article.

Aira Yuuki’s second album, “Eternalize.” will be out on June 9th!

Her second album has been announced way back, no title or details have been released previously but it’s “Eternalize.“!

It is priced at 3,000 yen and will be released this June 9, 2010 under GloryHeaven, a sub-label of Lantis with the catalogue number LASA-5049.

Track-listing are as below.

1.Blue sky, True sky (Tears to Tiara first ending theme)
2.Juramento (Image song for Tales of the Abyss)
3.Tales of Flame (PlayStation 2 game, Mōjūtsukai to Ōji-sama opening theme)
4.spindle story (Image song for Tears to Tiara)
5.I believe…
7.Yume to Tsuki
8.When distrust (Image song for Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai)
9.Dominant space (Ending theme for Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra)
10.Weeping alone (Tears to Tiara ending theme
11.Kokou no Meikyuu (Image song for Tales of the Abyss)
12.Troubadour’s eye (Image song for Tears to Tiara)

There are no new songs except for Tales of Flame. She is going to perform the ending theme to Moujyuutsukai to Ouji-sama (which is not compiled into the album), an otome game by Otomate and the opening theme Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, Lament ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~. The single is expected to be released soon.

AirAsia’s RedTix trying to bring a Japanese band to Malaysia!!!

Yes, guys! Well, my main objective is to spread the word to get people rooting for UVERworld!

Among other artistes including Mika Nakashima, VAMPS, NEWS, ARASHI and KAT-TUN.

Those who have a Facebook account may vote here:

There’s no guarantee that the band that has the highest votes gets to perform here, but your vote certainly counts! ^_~

To fans from other countries, you may vote too! Come visit Malaysia while coming for UVER’s live performance 😀

(Edit: The poll has been removed but if memory serves me right… the band with the highest votes is *coughscoughsUVERworld*..)


About RedTix:

RedTix is a subsidiary of Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, AirAsia.

From their official Facebook profile, is the hottest, smartest new way to book tickets to an international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more.

Aira Yuuki’s 2nd album release announced~!!!!!

2nd album release announced~!!!!!

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