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[playing] #1 – Otome games

I’ve been downloading various games to play. Some I’ve tried one route, some not yet unzipped or even completed. But even so, I love my games.

To the general public, otome games (simply games for girls) are always associated with love simulation games. It is true that commercial games that are produced and released are love simulation games but it’s not like that for doujin otome games.

Doujin otome games are used to, in simple words, to refer to games targeted to the female audience for free. In other words, freeware. Take note that some are also offered as shareware or even sold, like commercial ones.

The genre for doujin otome games varies from one creator/circle to the other so you can expect them to be different than commercial ones.

Hmm.. I did come across doujin otome games to have voices for their characters, even though they are partly voiced, particularly for events or CGs 😀

I’m not playing anything in particular, trying a few games at one time (not really) but I’m revisiting some old games that I tried before my old desktop broke.

I guess this will do now 😦 since I’m playing a little of everything >w<

See you next time ^o^/