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[listening] Sokyuu no Score ~The score in blue~ and Hitsuji no Namida: Oubosha Zen’in CD


I just took out a few things (reshuffling the things around my room, like always) and it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any of these CDs that I’m listening now.

First off is stella quintet+’s Sokyuu no Score ~the score in blue~. I actually pressed Asera-chan to buy this because of the wallpapers they are offering for the limited edition (not the cards xD). It’s been a very long time since I’ve listened to them and I find it refreshing! I was also looking forward to Kishio-san’s part of the song >w< as well as Fukuyama-san’s :3

The ‘violin, piano and viola’ version of the song is very nice too (‐^▽^‐)

You can find the CD at YesAsia here while CDJapan has it here. (It’s not the limited edition! The limited edition has 2 randomly selected cards out of the six :3)

Continuing to the next CD.. The next will be the oubosha zen’in service CD;応募者全員サービスCD Hitsuji no Namida! This is part of a mail-in campaign in 2003 where readers send in a coupon and get this CD. Asera-chan and I bought this in an auction two years back. It was a very good price but including the fees and the shipping to you.. it was kinda balanced when you do the math ^^;

This CD is about the time during summer break that they had an event at Shinozuka Gakuen. Another drama, Hitsuji Uranai was also included.

That was long. I meant the drama CD. I have another here but that will be for later, I guess.

See you (^-^*)/