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[listening] Sokyuu no Score ~The score in blue~ and Hitsuji no Namida: Oubosha Zen’in CD


I just took out a few things (reshuffling the things around my room, like always) and it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any of these CDs that I’m listening now.

First off is stella quintet+’s Sokyuu no Score ~the score in blue~. I actually pressed Asera-chan to buy this because of the wallpapers they are offering for the limited edition (not the cards xD). It’s been a very long time since I’ve listened to them and I find it refreshing! I was also looking forward to Kishio-san’s part of the song >w< as well as Fukuyama-san’s :3

The ‘violin, piano and viola’ version of the song is very nice too (‐^▽^‐)

You can find the CD at YesAsia here while CDJapan has it here. (It’s not the limited edition! The limited edition has 2 randomly selected cards out of the six :3)

Continuing to the next CD.. The next will be the oubosha zen’in service CD;応募者全員サービスCD Hitsuji no Namida! This is part of a mail-in campaign in 2003 where readers send in a coupon and get this CD. Asera-chan and I bought this in an auction two years back. It was a very good price but including the fees and the shipping to you.. it was kinda balanced when you do the math ^^;

This CD is about the time during summer break that they had an event at Shinozuka Gakuen. Another drama, Hitsuji Uranai was also included.

That was long. I meant the drama CD. I have another here but that will be for later, I guess.

See you (^-^*)/


[intermission]: About tokuten…

The thing about tokuten;特典 is that they are item(s) that you get from buying a merchandise from a particular store.

Even buying a CD/game (and etc) from a particular store, Animate/Gamers.., you’ll get different tokuten (special items) from each store you buy. Depending on your store, you may get bromides, posters, clear files or even special CDs.

I am quite reminded by this when I looked through icingCandy’s Kago no Naka no Alicis‘s list of stores where they offer special CD(s) that you can get when you order/buy from them. As well as G.Addict’s special preorder promotion for HIGH-END. It’s no joke if you want all of them …

[playing] #1 – Otome games

I’ve been downloading various games to play. Some I’ve tried one route, some not yet unzipped or even completed. But even so, I love my games.

To the general public, otome games (simply games for girls) are always associated with love simulation games. It is true that commercial games that are produced and released are love simulation games but it’s not like that for doujin otome games.

Doujin otome games are used to, in simple words, to refer to games targeted to the female audience for free. In other words, freeware. Take note that some are also offered as shareware or even sold, like commercial ones.

The genre for doujin otome games varies from one creator/circle to the other so you can expect them to be different than commercial ones.

Hmm.. I did come across doujin otome games to have voices for their characters, even though they are partly voiced, particularly for events or CGs 😀

I’m not playing anything in particular, trying a few games at one time (not really) but I’m revisiting some old games that I tried before my old desktop broke.

I guess this will do now 😦 since I’m playing a little of everything >w<

See you next time ^o^/