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Fate update!

The official site has been updated with new sections such as the Gallery, Story, Character and Introduction page.

I’m busy, therefore further information in this post shall be done later.


Unlimited Blade Works theme song title announced with another simultaneous release and more!

Hi there guys~ The official website has been updated yesterday with the title of Unlimited Blade Works’ theme song which is “Voice ~Tadoritsuku Basho~” by Sachi Tainaka!

3 CDs including the “Voice ~Tadoritsuku Basho~” single will be released simultaneously on January 20th, 2010.

Voice~Tadoritsuku Basho~” will be written by Sachi Tainaka herself with composition done by Yuusuke Yamamoto and arranged by Kouhei Koyama. The title of the B-track has yet to be announced.

The second CD will be “disillusion2010

It’s a single that contains both the opening and ending theme of Fate/stay night TV reproduction I and II. The title track is the opening theme for Fate/stay night TV reproduction I and II, sung by Sachi Tainaka with re-arrangements by Ayumi Miyazaki.

Kumo no Kakera” will be the ending theme for Fate/stay night TV reproduction II, sung by Sachi Tainaka feat. Jyukai, a collaboration between Sachi Tainaka and Jyukai. The lyrics are written by Keita Haga with composition done by Yuusuke Yamamoto and arranged by Yoshiaki Dewa.

The last of the second simulataneous release for Unlimited Blade Works is Jyukai’s Jyukai Best: Stairway to the Future. This is the band’s best-of album that will contain Fate/stay night TV reproduction I’s ending theme, “With…” . 

Tracks collected in this album include:

  • With…
  • Anata ga Ita Mori
  •  Koibito Doushi
  •  Hoshi Akari
  •  Hikari
  •  Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana
  •  Komori’uta
  •  Himegoto
  •  Koshiro no Gatsu
  •  Ai no Hoshi
  •  Hanamuke no Melody
  •  Anata ga Ita Mori (rearrange[ment]*)
  • Hikari (rearrange[ment])
  • Untitled new song

The catalogue number for this CD is GNCX-1009 and it costs 3150yen including taxes.

*In the Japanese track list, it was just written as “rearrange”, still I added [ment] just in case to avoid misunderstanding.  

The price and catalogue number for “disillusion2010” and “Voice ~Tadoritsuku Basho~” are yet to be announced.

A special site for the music in Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works has been up since December 4th, 2009. You can find it here as well as able to listen to samples of the CD tracks for the 3 CDs, Mariage, Fate/recapture and ricordanza.

A special limited time only radio program titled With Voice hosted by Manami (from Jyukai) and Sachi Tainaka will be on-air on the 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th December 2009 from 8.2opm-8.30pm Japan Standard Time. The program will be broadcasted by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting at 1134KHz.

Fate/stay night TV reproduction I and II will be released 2 days after the simulataneous release of the 3 CDs, “disillusion2010” , “Voice ~Tadoritsuku Basho~” and Jyukai Best: Stairway to the Future.

Unlimited Blade Works CD update!

Hi again! Did anyone rejoice in getting to watch Ryuusei no Gemini in their PlayStation 3 and PSP this November 25th? XD Now, there will be 3 CDs released to commemorate the theatrical film of Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works. All three CDs are to be released simultaneously on December 23rd, 2009.

The first and second was already announced which is Fate/recapture -original songs collection- and Mariage -tribute to Fate-. You can find Fate/recapture’s tracklist and information in Mari-chan’s post.

Mariage‘s tracklist is similar to Fate/recapture’s, the only difference is that it will all be the sung  by Sachi Tainaka. A new song, Alive will also be included in Mariage -tribute to Fate-. Mariage means “weddings”, “union” or “matrimony” in French.

Fate/recapture and Mariage will have a special sleeve for those who purchase the limited pressings. TMC-1012 and GNCA-1233 will be the catalogue numbers respectively. They are priced at 3150 yen and 2656 yen, including taxes.

The tracklist for Mariage -tribute to Fate- is as follows:

  1. disillusion
  2. days
  3. memory
  4. Over The Mountain
  5. Sakura Saite
  6. hollow
  7. Ataraxia
  8. Bokutachi no Mirai
  9. Ougon no Kagayaki
  10. Link
  11. Alive

The differences between Mariage and Fate/recapture are that the 2 bonus tracks and This Illusion (which is replaced with Sachi Tainaka’s disillusion) are not included in the former.

ricordanza -Fate/stay night TV song collection- is a best-of album of the songs originated from the TV series. A total of 10 tracks are chosen of which 2 opening themes, 2 ending themes, 3 character image songs and 2 insert songs. I’m still searching the information for the last track, imitation. Ricordanza means ‘memorial’ in Italian.

The first two tracks are the opening themes while the third track is the ending theme for the series. Hikari and La sola are the insert song for episode 14 and 24 respectively. Kimi to no Asu serves as the ending theme for the last episode for the TV series with Tooi Yume, Kirari, and Egao Hitotsu de being the character image songs of Saber, Rin Tōsaka and Sakura Matō.

Here is the tracklist for ricordanza.

  1. disillusion
  2. Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni
  3. Anata ga Ita Mori
  4. Hikari
  5. La sola
  6. Kimi to no Asu
  7. Tooi Yume
  8. Kirari
  9. Egao Hitotsu de
  10. imitation

 Done, see ya next time!

[Update#1]: According to the Japanese Wikipedia, “imitation”  is a new vocal song by Sachi Tainaka!

Minor update on Unlimited Blade Works

Even the official site was late in informing… *sighs* The latest update was on November 2nd…

There is a web radio called Fate/stay tune Unlimited Blade Works that started airing at Animate online for free with it’s first episode broadcasted on October 16th, 2009!

The personalities are Junichi Suwabe, whom voices Archer; Ayako Kawasumi, whom voices Saber and Kana Ueda whom voices Rin Tōsaka. New episodes are added every Friday, please watch out! As of today, there are 4 episodes.

You can find the episodes here, press the ‘PLAY’ button and it’ll stream in your Windows Media Player. Also take note that the newest episode is at the top while the old ones are at the bottom. In short, the episodes are placed in descending order.


[Update #1]: I did not notice when, however, the title of the radio has been changed to Fate/stay tune – Unlimited Radio Works.

Fate/Recapture -original songs collection-

This is the title for the upcoming vocal collection of the Fate franchise, releasing in November 25th, 2009! This is to commemorate the theatrical release of the animated film based on the scenario of the same name, Unlimited Blade Works in the video game. It costs ¥3,150 (imcluding tax).

The tracklist as follows:

  2. “days”
  3. “memory”
  4. “Over The Mountain”
  5. “Sakura Saite” (?)
  6. “hollow”
  7. “Ataraxia”
  8. “Bokutachi no Mirai”
  9. “Ougon no Kagayaki”
  10. “Link”
  11. “Yume no Owari”
  12. Shin Kyoku* (temporary title?) “Alive”

Bonus tracks

13. “THIS ILLUSION (2009 version) -recapture ver.-”
14. “hollow (Remix) -201 remix-”

I’m not quite sure of the romaji of the titles, if any mistakes, please point them out.


PS: Sachi Tainaka’s 4th album is titled Mariage -tribute to Fate-, it’s set to be released on the same day as the CD! More information to come…

[Update #1]: The release date has been postponed to December 23rd, 2009!

[Update #2] Note by Amaya: Tracklist updated accordingly, anything you see from the strikeout and replaced are new.

[Update#3] : As I wrote this post before the related post was up, “Alive” is a brand new song by Sachi Tainaka!

Fate/stay night – Unlimited Blade Works

It’s the title for the theatrical film for the Fate franchise by Type-Moon, set to be in Japanese theaters on January 21st, 2010.

There’ll be booths for Fate/zero and Fate/stay night – Unlimited Blade Works at Comiket on August 14th to August 16th, 2009. The booth numbers are 325 and 232 respectively. There are collectibles for sale exclusively at Comiket! Watch out xD

The staff and cast has also been announced! The theme song will be performed by Sachi Tainaka.


Original work: Type-Moon
Director: Yūji Yamaguchi
Script: Takuya Satō
Character designer (Animation): Megumi Ishihara
Music: Kenji Kawai
Music supervisor: Kōji Tsujita (I’m not sure…)
Animation: Studio Deen
Distribution: Frontier Works, Geneon, Universal Entertaiment
Production: Fate Project


Shirō Emiya – Noriaki Sugiyama
Saber – Ayako Kawasumi
Rin Tōsaka – Kana Ueda
Archer – Jun’ichi Suwabe
Illyasviel von Einzbern – Mai Kadowaki 
Sakura Matō – Noriko Shitaya
Shinji Matō – Hiroshi Kamiya
Rider – Yū Asakawa
Kiritsugu Emiya – Rikiya Koyama
Caster – Atsuko Tanaka
Sōichirō Kuzuki – Kazuhiro Nakata
Berserker – Tadahiro Saizen
Kirei Kotomine – Jōji Nakata
Assassin – Shin’ichirō Miki
Lancer – Nobutoshi Canna
Gilgamesh – Tomokazu Seki

As stated, the seiyū for the respective characters will return for the film, the script is written by series composer of the TV series (Fate/stay night) Takuya Satō.

Music still being done by Kenji Kawai! Thumbs up for that ^__^

Watch for more updates~

PS: You can visit the official site here, and please take note to use the menu on the left (at the site) to navigate.

PSS: Update on August 12th, the official site states that distributors for the film are Frontier Works, Geneon, Universal Entertaiment. However, the Japanese Wikipedia states that it’s The Klockworx Co., Ltd., so does ANN.