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Inazuma Rock Fest update :D

Hi guys! The official website for Inazuma Rock Fest was updated in June or so but I can’t seem to include this update in this blog…

Okay, the current (announced) lineup for the event are UVERworld, 175R, abingdon boys school and HOME MADE Kazoku on Saturday while T.M.Revolution, tetsu from L’Arc ~en~Ciel, BUCK-TICK and SEAMO for the second and last day of the event which is on Sunday.

Like I mention before, the tickets for each day costs 7,800 yen including taxes. The tickets already started to went on sale July 18th from 10am.

Here’s the burei guide, I don’t really know what’s that but that’s what it said at the site.

For the Saturday tickets

Ticket Pier 0570-02-9507

Rooson Ticket  0570-084-655

CN Burei Guide 0570-03-9911


while for the Sunday tickets

Ticket Pier 0570-02-9999

P Code 322-111

Rooson Ticket 0570-084-005

L Code 59653

CN Burei Guide 0570-03-9999


All are applicable to both cellphones and PC.

Children 3 and up needs a ticket to enter. You can call to Kyoudou Ticket Centre at 06-7732-8888 from 10:00am-7pm for more information.

There is even a radio going on at FM Shiga for the event that is broadcasted on every Friday on 2.20pm to 2.53pm titled as Inazuma Radio. If  you have anything to tell them, just send the email to 🙂 (I even helped Mari-chan send a message to the Shin Tears to Tiaradio. Cool, isn’t it? :D)


Inazuma Rock Fest ’09!!

Hi there! I signed up for a (somekind of a) newsletter from Sony Music Japan (and for UVERworld) and yesterday it had said that UVERworld is going to perform at this festival held in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture!~

Okay, UVERworld as well as other artistes that are schedeuled to perform in the event. They are abingdon boys school, Home Made Kazoku, tetsu of L’Arc ~en~ Ciel and T.M. Revolution!!  Whom am I not to fangirl?

The event starts on September 19th to 20th. The event is open at 1pm but starts at 3pm and ends at 8pm. For both days, the ticket costs 7,800 yen and the places are all-standing and arranged by blocks(?). I’m not that sure, but the seats are definitely all-standing.

The tickets go on sale starting from July 18th, so please watch out and mark in on your calendars!

You can find the website here. More updates to come!