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Ryuusei no Gemini event and Backstage Pass vol.4 update!

Will do this in the morning so wait for it~

Hi there guys~ Sorry for making you wait, I’ve been fuzzy with the cold so here’s the news!

To commemorate the release of the DVD and Blu-ray, 2 separate hand-shake events will be held next year. The first is a Hidenobu Kiuchi hand-shake event will be held on January 23-34, 2010 at 6 stores across 3 regions of Japan.

While the other is a Kana Hanazawa and Hidenobu Kiuchi hand-shake event will be held on February 21st, 2010 at three separate stores in Akihabara.

The first Hanazawa-Kiuchi handshake event will start at Softmap’s Amusement Hall event space on the 8th Floor which will start at 11.30am. The second will begin at 2.30pm at Animate’s Akibahara store’s event space on the 7th floor while the third and last one will start 5pm at Gamers’ event space at their Akibahara store on the 8th floor.

The Hidenobu Kiuchi hand-shake event on January 23-24, 2010 is to commemorate the DVD and Blu-ray release of the first volume. The voice actor will make an appearance at Animate’s Kawazaki and Shibuya store in the Kanto region and another appearance in Animate’s Kaneyama store in the middle region of Japan on the first day.

Since the voice actor’s hand-shake event will be divided into 2 days, the second day will have Kiuchi-san at Animate’s Nihonbashi, Ten’ouji and Sannomiya stores in the Kansai region.

For those who pay the full amount as the deposit, they will have the first hand to attend the event. For more information about getting the tickets for this event, please go to respective stores for more information 🙂

The 3rd and 4th episode of Backstage Pass has been updated 😀 The guest for the volume 3’s Backstage Pass features Kiyomi Asai who voiced July while Mao who was voiced by Ikuya Sawaki was again featured as a guest in the 4th episode of Backstage Pass~ The next episode will be up on 21st of December!

All previous episodes are still available for streaming 🙂 so please click ‘Vol.4を聞く’ at the Special page to listen to the radio and your Windows Media Player will start to stream the radio~

That’s all for now, see you next time!


Major update for Ryūsei no Gemini~

Synopsis for the upcoming episode 9 is already up here along with Characters section updated with four additional characters. They are Yin, Gemini’s doll*, Ilya Sokolov and Hanako Satoshi.

Moreover, the Introduction page located here has been updated with a Keyword page and the introduction on Kuro no Keiyakusha‘s gaiden (side story) here, explaining the gap (of 2 years, I suppose) or events that occured after the end of the first series.

There’s also a production staff blog here.


* The word is written as 双子のドール, without any given hiragana reading there, so it could either be [futago no dooru {doll}] or [gemini no doll]. Considering the title of the show, [gemini no doll] is much more likely..

Ryūsei no Gemini 11/27 update

The synopsis for episode 8 is already up here, while episode 3 of Backstage Pass will be scheduled to be up on December 7th, 2009!

Ryuusei no Gemini in PlayStation Store?! with Backstage Pass up!

Hi guys! Mari-chan and I are having school holidays until next year starts again so let’s have some fun with some news from Ryuusei no Gemini?

Ryuusei no Gemini will be available for viewing through PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles. Each episode in HD (High Definition) will cost 400 yen while episodes in SD (Standard Definition) cost 300 yen, all including taxes 🙂

This system works like a rental system. Each time you pay to watch an episode, it will only available for 72 hours after your first viewing.

This service will start on November 25th, 2009, please watch out! Visit here to learn more about PlayStation Store, here regarding PlayStation Network and here on how to use PlayStation Store through your PC.

For Darker Than Black’s Backstage Pass for Ryuusei no Gemini, the second broadcast of the web radio features Ikuya Sawaki (whom voiced Mao) as guest. Together with Kana Hanazawa and Hidenobu Kiuchi back as the radio’s personalities, Sawaki admits to having not much experience with anime-related radio shows?!

If you can’t find your way to the radio’s link, follow the previous post’s for instructions~

P.S: The synopsis for episode 7 is already up, check here!

Minor update on Ryūsei no Gemini

Synopsis for episode 6 is already up here. As you might not know, Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) has a website for the series as well.

The site is here, you can watch sneak previews of the upcoming episodes there. The videos when clicked, will stream in your Windows Media Player.

That’s all for today!


Puzzle and wallpaper of Ryūsei no Gemini – Take 3

There’s a new puzzle of Suō with Pecha on her shoulder. As usual, there are three sizes to choose from but not 800X600.

You can find it here.

Recent update of Ryūsei no Gemini…

Well, the synopsis of episode 5 is already up here along with the characters section updated. Information about two new characters Norio and Lebanon have been added. Read them here, you can find them being the first two of the last row.

A special web radio called Darker Than Black Backstage Pass, hosted by Hei’s seiyū (Hidenobu Kiuchi) and Suō Pavlichenko’s seiyū (Kana Hanazawa) has been added to the Special section here.  Click ‘Vol.1 を聴く(WMP56k)’ and the radio episode will be streamed in your Windows Media Player.

New episodes of the radio will be randomly added, it’s unclear whether they’ll keep the old episodes up so listen to them while you can.