Listening/Reading/Playing feature: Intro

Updates has been lacking these days and both of us has pretty much lost sight on how we should move forward with this blog.

Today, I’m introducing a few upcoming blog posts, about what I’m listening, reading or playing and of course, they will (most likely or else it won’t be related to the blog, do they?) be part manga, anime or any other media that I have found them.

The keywords are self-explanatory: [reading], [listening], [playing] and a bonus feature (if they are not in any of the keywords above), [intermission].

I have no particular time frame for each blog post so it’s pretty much on my own whimsical pace. I may insert some Japanese here and there (if I couldn’t express it better in English …) but then, it will still be mainly English.

Well, I’ll see you next time ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥


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