Comic Fiesta 2010: Report

Hmm.. Kuroshitsuji is starting its Asian broadcast on Animax Asia starting from January 11, 2011.

Interesting… because I want to start my mini-report of Comic Fiesta 2010 around it! (laughs)

Okay, I didn’t manage to go to the first day but the second day I did. I braved the crowd with Asera (formerly Mari-chan) and went rounds before managing to track down my captain and ask for my media pass ;D

There were many people. I’m not sure many can describe the number of people there but imagine myself having to navigate and keep saying ‘excuse me, please let me through’ and avoid being trampled, and of course, in the way of the photographers of cosplayers.

When I manage to get in… I was thronged by the crowd and the people at the entrance. Asera almost tripped at the entrance, she didn’t notice the bump at the entrance. A scare there but it’s starting ~

There were people crowding near the entrance. They were girls giving out packets of NIPS as well as a corner where attendees can follow choreography on the screen and simulate them in real life. Then the NIPS art booth where visitors can join the contest and doodle their best form of NIPS 🙂 On the right will be the booth from myHorizon where they had a lucky draw of giving out an iPad in both days. I did participate but I couldn’t be there when the draw was held D: The reason will come soon ~

After myHorizon’s booth is NIPS’ photo booth and Hoyu’s booth. Hoyu’s booth displayed a wide variety of their hair colour products that feature illustrations of Ai Yazawa. A quickie, I nearly purchases one of these earlier this year because I was so enchanted with the illustrations! >w< The staff gave out cute empty red envelopes for Chinese New Year >w< I got 2 variations, the red and pink ones. Of course, I have no use for it myself so I gave them to my mother and grandmother ~

Moving on is the LimKokWing booth area, lots of desktops and people, didn’t go because of the flow of the crowd. So on the left there are independent booths of The Anime Depot and a booth specialising on figurines together with the trading card game area. Very hyped up atmosphere >w< when there was one player shouted or said something vulgar ^^

Further on are the bigger sized independent booths of anime goods. The reason why I say anime goods is because most goods is because most of them are anime goods. I wish there were goods for the otome crowd, not BL or anything but just simple CDs, merchandises (scrap the completely unworthy T-shirts or posters and etc away), PC, PS2 or PSP otome games, those kind of goods that are sold in Japan. Seriously, would kill to get them. Please don’t overlook female fans, serious ones are out to get them, no matter what it takes >w< Mind you, I’m not a feminist either. I have respect for both genders.

I saw hats being sold at the event. They were really cute, I wish I could get one GLOOMY one though but I’ve not much cash on my hand >x< It  suited me but I wouldn’t use it as often as I should D:

Okay, the doujin area shocked me entirely. It was full of people! It looked poorly arranged to me, the entire floor plan too. I didn’t expect the stage to be that small. The doujin area was packed like sardines in a can. I met up again with my friend Chin Yew, a brilliant illustrator (and director too >w<) where I got the chance to get his other 2 books. Will elaborate that another time. The walkway was narrow and both of us can hardly spend time on each booth because we need to constantly move to make way. We kept going rounds in the doujin area so that we saw every booth there but some people just wouldn’t budge D:

We kept on making rounds at the doujin area and went out again and came back in til we got put off and started being really irritated at people who didn’t make way. That didn’t happen only once.

I hardly paid attention to the other area except the doujin area because

1. No space to move around and enjoy different parts of the area
2. No resting area or small empty space where visitors can just take a break from walking and sort out their things
3. One entrance and one exit only? Some may find it hard to move around because there’s no shortcuts either Dx

Asera and I did watch a performance where someone sang Miliyah Kato’s Love is… and 2 other songs. After that, we’re just plain exhausted. Even to escape the crowd.

There were just too many people. Too less space. Maybe the Sunway Convention Centre will be slightly less convienient (in what way, I do not know yet) but there’s a lot of better moving space compared to Berjaya’s. There were too many people interested in the cosplayers, that contributed to the congestion where people want to give space and take a shot while some wanted to leave the area. I do not blame those interested on taking a shot but seriously, the venue just made me want to go like this -> *(!@()@*(^&*!@_)(!@^ then (smiles)

The increase of commercial booths are apparent this year. I don’t remember seeing this many commercial booths the previous year ^^

Since they is not much left, I will proceed for my goods report of CF 2010! They are not in the order I get them but please have fun with me! >w<~

Firs~t up is a handmade notebook. Black and white polka dots >w< and there’s a ribbon on the upper left corner (faints). Had to get them even though they a wee bit expensive but I think it’s worth it. The paper is from recycled paper so I think it’s for a good cause 🙂

After that are… bookmarks! It seems like a character from Persona 3 Portable and is a maid ^w^

The set below are from the Vocaloid series *w* A slight bit rebellious yet comfortable on the eyes >w< I could have remember that this particular booth has a set of K-ON! bookmarks that I love so much but when I went rounds after that, I couldn’t find them anymore TxT so I settled for the Vocaloid ones ~

Ahh, the Fairy Tail ones >w< I was so excited when I saw this but I hestitated until I went a few more rounds and finally reached the booth >w<<~~ I was disappointed when I thought the other matching card was sold out but there was the last one! (faints) I got them and in my opinion, very good artwork! I love it very much xD Loki, Natsu and Gray in one and the other has Erza, Lucy and Juvia ~ Had to get them satisfy myself even though I’ve only watched the anime adaptation >w< The artist could be found at Please go and take a look ^^/

Ahh, finally the bookmark that kick-started the entire report! It’s a very good bookmark! It’s Grell from Kuroshitsuji ~ The other characters’ bookmarks aren’t that striking, maybe this is a favourite character of the artist’s?

One of our first purchases~ The artist was very nice >w< and cute too! I didn’t notice until I left that the artist was wearing the same outfit as one of the characters in the bookmarks >w<  The artist could be found at

Here are another set of bookmarks from the Vocaloid series 🙂

Asera bought a Chinese New Year card, really cute 😀 I actually had my eyes on the items of a particular booth and it’s about a mother and her son. Really cute work but I couldn’t spare any money D:

That’s more or less what I’ve got at the event. Awesome tiredness but in truth, we’re quite irritated about the crowd. No compassion!


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