Comic Fiesta 2010’s highlights

Hello there ^^/ Comic Fiesta is back for another year with a spectacular line-up of events that’s gonna make you come over for a visit, even for a little peek >w<

Their wonderful line-up of events in a glance ^-★

  • Comic Fiesta Digital Competition (more information here)
  • Comic Fiesta Cosplay Competition (more information here)
  • Comic Fiesta Side Quests ∑(Owo;) What’s this about!? A definite must-check! (more information here)
  • National Manga Competition (more information at the main site ^w^)
  • NIPS Copic Challenge – Open to all visitors! Why don’t you give it a try? (more information here)
  • HOYU at CF 2010! – Oooh, strike a pose and stand a chance to win something(*^ー^)ノ (more information here)
  • CHILL Mobile Illustration Competition (see more below)
  • Lim Kok Wing DOtA Challenge – Wow, test your DOtA gaming skills in the public (`∀´)
  • GEMPAK Autograph Session

and the core of the event, at least the biggest thing in this event is (drumroll)

  • Industry Seminar
  • Meet Phil Yeh and Phil Ortiz
  • Portfolio Pavillion

More information on the Industry Seminar, Portfolio Pavillion and ‘Meet Phil Yeh, Phil Ortiz’ session are all here

The seminar will be graced with various creative veterans, CODEMASTER (a British independent game development studio has created many acclaimed works since 1986 and their branch in Malaysia has worked on Race Driver: GRID and F1:2010), Micheal Chuah and Jack Lim, Phil Yeh and Phil Ortiz!

Starting with the CHILL Mobile Illustration Competition, let’s start with what CHILL Mobile is all about. CHILL Mobile is a new, up and coming weekly comic magazine. However, it is not in the usual media, but in a digital format and only a download away! Readers are able to experience full colour comic strips, quizzes on their cellphones. When readers browse the mobile site of CHILL, they are able to browse the CHILL store and download wallpapers for your cellphone 😀 Unlike all comic magazines, readers can download and browse all issues of CHILL without taking up any space anywhere and where they are.

CHILL’s 1st issue has been released for free at on the 19th of November. Aie G, a cartoonist will be at Comic Fiesta 2010 togethert with the CHILL crew for a special appearance! An illustration contest, CHILL Mobile Illustration Competition will be held on the second day, the 19th of December and the best work will be published in CHILL. Complete information can be found here.

The artists that are attending the Autograph Session are as follow

Saturday: Kaoru, Keith, Neko, Little
Sunday: Kaoru, Keith, Nishiki, Joe

I guess that’s all for now ^^



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