Theme change ~♥

Hello there ^-^/~ It’s me again and I’m here to announce the theme change (again) for this blog o^w^o The sidebar is now on the left which is quite interesting ;D while the font and design is very lovely ^w^~ ♥

On another separate note, this blog will probably touch more on otome targeted subjects?! Maybe my thoughts of doujin otome games?!

Let’s get started then. Otome games are games targeted at the female audience. There are two types, commercial and doujin. Doujin otome games can be further separated into 2-3 categories, which are freeware, shareware and paid ones. Major game companies that produce such games are Koei, Idea Factory, to name a few. Their genres aren’t just limited to love simulation (or dating simulations) but also sound novels, love adventure games and so on.

I’ll take my leave for now ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥


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