Aira Yuuki’s Hoshi wo Motomete released!

It’s been a long while ^^/ Amaya here to report Yuuki-san’s 8th single, Hoshi wo Motomete, literally ‘Seeking for the Stars’ has been released on October 27!

Yay~ It will be the theme song for the OVA of Armored Trooper Votoms Case;Irvine which will be shown in Japanese theaters starting from November 6 ^-^

The title track is written by Aki Hata with composition by Katsuhiko Kurosu, who composed her track for oratorio, sola’s image album, Miageru Ano Sora de. The coupling song, Chivalry Story is written and composed by Hiroyuki Ohno.

Kurosu’s composition is brilliant and I can’t wait to listen more! ^O^ Ohno’s composition for Chivalry Story sounds wonderful and this is a very solid track, from the previews that I listened. I can’t wait to hear more from both composers! You can find Kurosu’s home page here (

You can preview the songs here

On another side, Aira Yuuki has been hosting a digital radio show, Yuuka to Aira Radio Hako’iri Hime on Chou! A+G with Yuuka Nanri.

You can find their blog here and their past episodes in NicoNico Douga ^w^Their title in Japanese: 侑香とアイラのRadioはこいり姫

That’s all for now ~ ❤


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