Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 Hong Kong and Taiwan concert info up!

Lovely fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan, wait no more! The tour information for the both venues has been announced!

19th March has been fixed as the date with her performance held at Rotunda3, 6th Floor of the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

There will be 4 different ticket prices which will be HK$480, HK$580, HK$630 and HK$680. HK Ticketing/Tom Lee Music is the authorised ticketing channel for you to get your tickets. Ticketing has been started since the 30th of January. You can read the Hong Kong press release here.

Doors will open on 6.45pm and her performance will start on 8.15pm. It will be a 2-hour long performance.

Taiwan’s concert date has been set on the March 21 at the Taipei Legacy. Ticket prices are 2000 NTD, 2300 NTD and 2500 NTD. No official ticketing has been announced yet. The venue will be open at 5.30pm and the event starts at 7.30pm.


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