Comic Fiesta 2009 event report!!

I know the report is rather too late since it happened last year on December 19-20th but today’s the deadline of the report and I have yet to edit the images for the report. School started this week and being the last year, I can’t (or must not) lose out to the others and do my best!!  

Comic Fiesta 2009 was my first ever event that I attended. Being a fan of Japanese popular culture as well as to art, I found myself in an event that treasures both interests in a single entity. I was overwhelmed with the size of the venue where the event was held. The air-conditioning was very cold so for those who are not used to air-conditioning, bring something to make you feel warm.  

For a first timer, I was shocked and excited to see all the cosplayers scattered outside the event venue. There were all sorts of cosplayers from many series that I can’t recognise but it was very nerve-wracking to see them when I went there in plain clothing. It made me feel as though I’m not doing enough for my fandom if I don’t cosplay the characters -_-||  

The doors officially opened at 10.30am but I was there at around 9am where the doujin booths are being set-up. But a lot of things started even before the official opening like the Limkokwing University booth where there are a few people playing 2 games that were designed, created by students of Limkokwing University. I made an effort to watch and tried the games myself. The first game was Smog Busters where I have to guide the player character to clean up the pollution happening in Kuala Lumpur. The game surroundings featured real places in K.L. so it’s fun but I never got far. The second game was Totem Mania where there is two player characters that needs to work together to overcome obstacles in the game. The game won Best Visuals and Special Mention (New) in the 2008 Kre8tif! Industry Awards. Please look here for more information 🙂  

There was the Portfolio Review, live performances, Supa Strikers and a live demo by Animasia. At 2pm, there was the group cosplay competition and a live demo by IFS at the same time. (How can attendees be two places at one time when they want to go to watch the cosplay competition and the live demo?) An autograph session with Gempak authors was held after the cosplay competition but I never went.  

After that was the One True Pair (OTP) competition. There were the (usual) Vampire Knight pairing of Kaname-Yuuki-Zero, Trish and Dante from Devil May Cry and some other series that I couldn’t remember. From the performances, I can say that Devil May Cry’s Trish and Dante cosplayers did the best and the characters suit them really well. The scenario for the performance was very well-though of since there were a few sentimental love songs xD and they did win the OTP award 😀  

There were a lot of cosplayers gathered since I went outside the venue. There were the Sergeant Keroro character heads of Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Dororo and Kururu where you can use them and take photos with it. Many visitors took the chance to picture themselves as the characters with the human suits XD


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