Major update for Ryūsei no Gemini~

Synopsis for the upcoming episode 9 is already up here along with Characters section updated with four additional characters. They are Yin, Gemini’s doll*, Ilya Sokolov and Hanako Satoshi.

Moreover, the Introduction page located here has been updated with a Keyword page and the introduction on Kuro no Keiyakusha‘s gaiden (side story) here, explaining the gap (of 2 years, I suppose) or events that occured after the end of the first series.

There’s also a production staff blog here.


* The word is written as 双子のドール, without any given hiragana reading there, so it could either be [futago no dooru {doll}] or [gemini no doll]. Considering the title of the show, [gemini no doll] is much more likely..


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