Minor update on Unlimited Blade Works

Even the official site was late in informing… *sighs* The latest update was on November 2nd…

There is a web radio called Fate/stay tune Unlimited Blade Works that started airing at Animate online for free with it’s first episode broadcasted on October 16th, 2009!

The personalities are Junichi Suwabe, whom voices Archer; Ayako Kawasumi, whom voices Saber and Kana Ueda whom voices Rin Tōsaka. New episodes are added every Friday, please watch out! As of today, there are 4 episodes.

You can find the episodes here, press the ‘PLAY’ button and it’ll stream in your Windows Media Player. Also take note that the newest episode is at the top while the old ones are at the bottom. In short, the episodes are placed in descending order.


[Update #1]: I did not notice when, however, the title of the radio has been changed to Fate/stay tune – Unlimited Radio Works.


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