Fate/Recapture -original songs collection-

This is the title for the upcoming vocal collection of the Fate franchise, releasing in November 25th, 2009! This is to commemorate the theatrical release of the animated film based on the scenario of the same name, Unlimited Blade Works in the video game. It costs ¥3,150 (imcluding tax).

The tracklist as follows:

  2. “days”
  3. “memory”
  4. “Over The Mountain”
  5. “Sakura Saite” (?)
  6. “hollow”
  7. “Ataraxia”
  8. “Bokutachi no Mirai”
  9. “Ougon no Kagayaki”
  10. “Link”
  11. “Yume no Owari”
  12. Shin Kyoku* (temporary title?) “Alive”

Bonus tracks

13. “THIS ILLUSION (2009 version) -recapture ver.-”
14. “hollow (Remix) -201 remix-”

I’m not quite sure of the romaji of the titles, if any mistakes, please point them out.


PS: Sachi Tainaka’s 4th album is titled Mariage -tribute to Fate-, it’s set to be released on the same day as the CD! More information to come…

[Update #1]: The release date has been postponed to December 23rd, 2009!

[Update #2] Note by Amaya: Tracklist updated accordingly, anything you see from the strikeout and replaced are new.

[Update#3] : As I wrote this post before the related post was up, “Alive” is a brand new song by Sachi Tainaka!


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