Tears to Tiara volume 5 released and volume 6 information!

Hi guys, it’s been a while (well, probably it’s not a while, sorry -_-;) since I’ve updated on Tears’ DVD and Blu-ray releases, I thought I posted up vol.4’s information but it seems like I didn’t… Nope, it was posted but I missed the post myself ._.

Okay, like it was posted previously, the sticker poster features Taliesin and Epona (what a cute couple XD). 

The 20-page full colour booklet found in the limited pressing of both the Blu-ray and DVD features Morgan’s seiyuu, Mai Nakahara! It seems like she is revealing a few secrets on how she voiced Morgan… Nakahara-san voiced Midori in Midori Days so for her to voice Morgan was quite a different character than Midori =)

 The staff interview features art director and colour designer for the series Hoki-san and Satou-san. I think that the production scale for the series was larger than any other normal anime series out there and the staff tells us how hard is their work for the production.

Yeah, volume 6 features Epona and Taliesin~ The episodes collected in this volume are episode 18, Kikan(or Return in English) to episode 20, Lucifer,  a total of 3 episodes.

The character sticker poster for the volume shows Primula alone while the previous sticker posters all feature a pair of characters together. A creditless ending sequence of weeping alone by Aira Yuuki will be collected with the episodes. The character sticker poster is only included in the limited pressing of the DVD and Blu-ray release.

The 6th volume of Tears to Tiara for DVD and Blu-ray will be on sale on November 18.

See you guys next time~


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