Ryuusei no Gemini’s DVD and Blu-ray Vol.1 infomation~

Hi again~ The DVD and Blu-ray information for volume 1 is already out so the first volume will contain 2 episodes and it will be released on December 23, 2009

The Blu-ray will cost 6,510 yen (including taxes) while the DVD costs 5,460 yen (including taxes). The catalogue number for the former is ANSX-9481 and the latter will be ANSB-9481.

The first volume will contain 2 episodes which will be ‘Kuro Neko wa Hoshi no Yume wo Mienai’ and ‘Ochita no Ryuusei…’.

Moving on to the specs for limited pressing, the limited pressing will contain a specially drawn 3-piece casing by Yuuji Iwahara, Takahiro Komori, the chief animation director and character designer will be designing a special metallic jacket as well a special 40 page booklet and a special coupon to be sent in to be in the running to win a ticket to a special to be held next year on April 4, 2010.

If you are buying from stores such as Animate and Tsutaya, you are entitled to have a portrait (a scene from the anime) if are buying from the former and a set of 5 postcards if you are purchasing from the latter.

The special give-away from Animate if you were to purchase the entire series’ limited pressing has yet to be announced. So please stay with us~


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