Love So Life by Kaede Kouchi

Hi there! The files for our translations are being slowly taken off and will be instead be available in our posts. Here is Love So Life by Kaede Kouchi~ so please enjoy the story!

This one-shot is by Kaede Kōchi – こうち楓. The mangaka’s birthday is on February 1st and is of blood type A. This one-shot was collected together with 3 other one-shots by Runa Ikemi, Mai Nishikata and Asuka Sora in the 2008 X’Mas Present Stories.

The mangaka’s debut work is Kimura-sanchi no San Kyōdai/Kimura-sanchi’s 3 Brothers that was serialized in The Hana to Yume’s 9/25 issue in year 2006.

Note: ‘The Hana to Yume’ that I am referring to is actually ‘Za Hana to Yume’ magazine not as in the ‘Hana to Yume’ magazine hence the capitalised T.



1. My Japanese-English translations are not all that reliable. I never really check the dictionary unless I have to and I partly understand the characters are because I can read Chinese. Romanizations of my own are just my own assumptions.

2. This story not in any way belong to ねこの め – Neko no Me or me. The copyrights belong to the mangaka, Kaede Kōchi and the publisher, Hakusensha.

Even so, the translations in this work still belongs to me or whoever that does it that was released by ねこの め – Neko no Me.


Note: Character’s thoughts are in italic.

There are children who are complaining that their mothers are late and it’s Christmas Day. One of them said goodbye to someone called Shiharu.

Somehow, it feels good to not celebrate Christmas.

There’s a pair of identical twins, a boy and a girl watching TV. On the left are Akane Matsunaga (2) and Aoi Matsunaga (2). They are watching a show about a cat mummy asking her children to help prepare for their Christmas party.

The guy who is reading the newspaper is Seiji Matsunaga (25). He is trying to stop the twins from watching the TV at such a close range since it will spoil their eyesight. While he tried to stop them, the twins came and attack him.

The doorbell rang, and the twins stop and went to see. Shiharu Nakamura (16) just came in and said good morning and told the twins: I’m home!. The twins called her affectionately as ‘Shiharu-tan, welcome back!’ (Yes, instead of the usual: -chan suffix, here it uses the -tan suffix)

She narrates that she does not lives in that home and she wants to be someone who opens a daycare centre. Therefore, she baby-sits as a part-time job. She also added that: The Matsunaga family matters are known to me. (Or something like that, I can’t really figure that out, sorry ^^;)

Meantime, Seiji seems to have a stomach ache so they went to see what’s wrong.



She continued the narration and mentioned the twin’s angel; Akane-chan and Aoi-kun’s guardian now is their uncle, Seiji Matsunaga-san. The twins’ mother has passed away while the father has disappeared without a trace. Even so, their uncle, Matsunaga-san has taken a step out by being a popular announcer in a certain TV station.

His work and his sudden care of his niece and nephew is a very serious thing for him. She continued as to say that she is only helping them out.

Now, the twins are trying to convince their uncle to hold a Christmas party at home. He said that the daycare centre is holding a party and told them that he has work on the late night of Christmas Eve. The twins were terribly disappointed and now Shiharu told him that if it’s impossible to held it during Christmas Eve and she also have a Christmas party at the daycare centre and suggested that the party to be held during Christmas Day.

Matsunaga then said that since the daycare has already held one, why go through all the trouble to held it another time. She told him that it’s not that and even said that she has not attended a home party for about ten years and (I guess) that it seemed like a good idea after a long time.

 About 11 years ago, my only closest relation – my mother died. I was then raised in a child welfare centre. The Matsunaga family welcomes me, as though I’m part of their family. It’s a very special place for me. To me, it really is.

Matsunaga then told her: “Let’s do this.” Moreover, he told the twins that the party on the 25th is on.

For that reason, a home party after a long 11 years is quite an agreeable thing!


Shiharu is back at the centre and was asked what is she making. She answered by saying that she is making a lost child label for the toddlers that she is babysitting as a part-time job. The lady said that it was cute. A young girl called Fūka now wants Shiharu to make her one as well. The lady said that she has already given her contact number to the centre (so why do you still want it). Shiharu said that after she finished the ones for the twins, she’d make her one.

Fūka is very happy and Shiharu asked her what shape does she want it to be. The lady went to talk about Shiharu saying that she doesn’t behave like she’s 16 years old. The lady’s friend said that she has a strong character. While one of them said that, she’s like everybody’s elder sister. Another said that it just comes naturally for her.

A guy peeks from a door saying how silly of Shiharu to make a lost child label. His name is Nao and Shiharu calls him Nao-kun. It seems like Nao-kun got lost when he was in his 3rd year in elementary school. He was crying and somebody nice brought him back. He asks her to shut up and said that something was on his way as well as saying that he knew how to find his way.


Now, Shiharu sees the twins watching TV at a very close range. When told to stay a bit further from the TV, they quickly started to whine. Then suddenly, Shiharu shouted: “Oh dear! The TV said a very embarrassing thing!!” Then, “What? If you don’t look at me this way, the embarrassing thing will go away…!!” …still!

Akane and Aoi were speechless. Shiharu make fun of them (further) by taking the remote control and switch it off while saying: “Kyaa—- How embarrassing!!” Aoi quickly withdraw while Akane told him that it’s nothing embarrassing. Then, Matsunaga then noticed that the twins are 3 metres away from the TV.

He has just returned from work and the usual: Tadaima! (I’m back!) and the Okaerinasai (Welcome home!) from both of them. Shiharu told him that she’s sorry that he hasn’t noticed because she will be putting the twins to sleep soon.


The twins are making something. They are folding paper. Matsunaga asked them what are they doing, Aoi said that it’s Shiharu’s… Matsunaga figured out that they are making a Christmas present for Shiharu. Aoi tried to flatten the paper but accidentally tore it off. Matsunaga asked them whether he needs any help. Aoi and Akane then imagined Shiharu’s reaction: “Wow, that’s great! You two are good at folding this! Thank you very much!”

A present, huh?

Matsunaga is asking a colleague what high school girls like these days, what things that will make them happy. His colleague replied: “Matsunaga-kun, don’t cause a scandal” Another went on to look and thought, “You’re still a student 3 years ago, you know”


Shiharu has finally finished the lost child tags for Akane and Aoi. One has a star shape and the other is of flower shape. She wonders whether Akane and Aoi will put it on.

It’s finally the 25th of December. Someone asked Shiharu when is she leaving, Shiharu said that she’ll leave at 6.30 and will be back at about 10.30pm. She tells her to be careful. She noticed that something was wrong with Fūka and touched her forehead. Her forehead was hot and she quickly told a staff member that she has a fever.

The staff member said that maybe she overdid it during the party yesterday. Shiharu said that if the medicine doesn’t work, it’s probably best if Fūka was sent to the hospital. The staff member agreed and reminded her that she had prior engagement and that she can look after Fūka all by herself. Nevertheless, Fūka refused and wants Shiharu to stay with her. Shiharu told her it’s fine and will stay until her fever subsides.



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