Tears’ ending tonight!

Okay guys, if you have been following Tears to Tiara, the last episode will be aired tonight.

I’m really anxious to watch the last episode tomorrow and so I hope a spectacular ending (if I were to say ‘happy ending’, it will too childish and wishful, isn’t it?) especially after hearing Arawn-sama saying, ‘my wife, Riannon’! Calling her after they assembled together in the top of the tower XD

Everyone, please go watch the last episode tonight! Celebrate the ending and support the fandom by not downloading the episodes, music or anything else and buy them. If not, at least just repeating them off Youtube or Nico Nico Douga wouldn’t hurt as much as downloading them. Support the lovely artistes who sing the OP and EDs!

P.S: Have you played Mystery of Avalon? 🙂


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