Neoromance Shopping Mania!

Kin’iro no Corda 2f (forte) Encore Guide Book was released in August 2009. No specific date was given at Koei’s page, it’s still up for pre-orders. I checked Amazon Japan but there’s nothing about the book. For me, it’s presumably yet to be released.

The A5 sized book bearing the number ISBN978-4-7758-0737-8 will cost ¥1,680 (including taxes).

Another variety CD titled Kin’iro no Corda 2f  (forte) Encore ~graduation~ will be released on September 30, 2009. There is no cover yet as they are still in production. Seisō Academy’s badge printed on a three-sided case is available for those who buy the limited edition. Its catalogue number is KECH-1503/4, costing ¥3,990 (tax included).

The CD will have the following:

  • 2 new vocal songs – 1 each for Hihara-senpai and (school director) Akihiko Kira
  • A duet between Tsukimori-kun and Etō-kun
  • 3 vocal songs from other CDs recollected + instrumental versions (not specified)
  • Short drama regarding the showdown between Tsukimori-kun and Etō-kun + a parody drama + mini drama of “3B Zanru”.

All the main male characters including Kanazawa-sensei, Kira-san, Ōsaki-senpai along with others will appear in the drama.

The catalogue at Seisō Academy’s Merchandise Shop is updated with several new items! You can see it here. In addition to that, Gamecity’s Neoromance Jewelry Collection website is also updated with new items for La Corda fans.

There are pendants based on Tsukimori-kun, Yunoki-senpai and Hihara-senpai. A ring of two variations called bianco and nero are also available. For more details and other items, please go here!

Okay, there’s are 4 best albums under Koei’s Neromance Honey Series. They cost ¥2,200 each (including taxes), with special stuff coming along for those who buy the limited edition.

More information will be available in my next post! Watch out~



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