secondo’s Tears…

Remember what Amaya mentioned before?

The details for love ballad compilation titled Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~ Tears is finally out! Thanks to the Neoromance newsletter I received last night…

It’s set to be released on August 12th, 2009. Bearing the catalogue number KECH-1500, it costs ¥3,150, including taxes. A panorama jacket card specially drawn by anime character Maki Fujioka is included for those who buy the limited edition of CD.

Now for the track list, the order of these tracks has not be decided as of yet. As usual, the songs are sang by seiyū of respective characters.

  • “Tears” – Tsukimori Ren
  • “Kimagure no Hi” – Tsuchiura Ryōtarō
  • “Anata no Rhythm” – Shimizu Kei’ichi
  • “if” – Hihara Kazuki
  • “To be continued…” – Yunoki Azuma
  • “You’re in my heart”  (Full chorus ver.) – Kaji Aoi*
  • “MOVE” – Etō Kiriya
  • “My word ~Yakusoku~” – Ōsaki Shinobu

*Note: Insert song for the 2nd episode of ~secondo passo~.

  • DRAMA JOY “Kawanakashima LR”
  • DRAMA JOY “Pirates in Corda”
  • BGM “Kimi wo Aisu ~Drama Sweet # &♭only ~*

*Note: There are two tracks for this.

The 8 seiyū singing the songs will also voice their character in the drama, while Satō Akemi (as Fuyūmi Shōko), Ishikawa Hideo (as Kanazawa Hiroto) and Uchida Yūya (as Kira Akihiko) will also take part in the drama.

Leaving the best for the last, here’s the cover of Tears:

Tears' cover

Click to enlarge.



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