Mystery of Avalon update!

Hi there! The official website of Mystery of Avalon has been updated 2 days ago and the new character is Decimus!

Decimus (read in Japanese as Dekimusu) is the second-in-command(?) for Gaius. Just as I thought, Decimus appeared in the anime as well, perhaps he will play a more important role in the new side game like Lidia?

Remember the Changeling System? That has been further explained in the System page here: (It’s the fourth tab from the left) as well as 4 screenshots. It seems that you can also use magic circles during the battle field (Hm…). The green coloured magic circle is used to restore the character’s energy, the blue one is for defence as well as to reduce the damage while the red is used to inflict more damage on the opponent.

Details for the limited pressing is also out! The limited pressing will have a special desktop calendar, visual card collection as well as a coaster mouse pad.

A pre-order campaign has been held from June 24th to August and for the customers who ordered the limited pressing during that period of time will be entitled to have a special CD of Mystery of Avalon.

The Special section of the official site (the last tab from the left) has another PV of the game that is broadcasted in stores only. Like the previous 2 PVs, just click for it to play!

In the September issue of Gemaga, which can be located here:, Mystery of Avalon will be featured as the cover for the issue along with a staff interview published.

Thanks for reading~


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