Tears to Tiara update with DVD/Blu-ray vol.3~

Hisashiburi~ I’ve got a lot of news coming in so the next will be on Inazuma Rock Fest!!

First is that screenshots for episode 17 has been out and it shows Pywll-sama as well as Taliesin’s reflection on a sword while Arthur looked on. You can access it here: http://tearstotiara.jp/story/#story17

The 16th episode of Shin Tears to Tiaradio has been up for broadcast so anyone who wants to listen to it, please go here: http://tearstotiara.jp/radio/ The page is always updated when a new episode is broadcasted. The previous episodes can be found in http://nicovideo.jp This current episode and the previous episode features Miyuki Sawashiro.

The ‘Goods’ page at the official website has been updated and there will be a Morgan Bolster Cover for sale. There will be 2 versions of it, one will be a limited pressing and another one is the normal version. The limited pressing has a measurement of 160x50cm while the normal version is 150x50cm.

Pictures can be found here: http://tearstotiara.jp/goods/other/ but the images are very hentai-ish so please watch out. The limited pressing will cost 10,500 yen while the normal version will be 9,560 yen. The prices are including taxes.

The third volume of the DVD and Blu-ray will feature Lidia and Octavia while the sticker poster will feature Limwris and Ermin!! I feel so happy about this, the House Elves are so adorable~

The collected episodes for volume 3 are from episode 9, Shuugeki to episode 11, Chinkoka (or Requiem).

There is also a short novel compilation titled as Tia Tia Vol.1 written by Tomoyuki Fujinami with insert illustrations by Ryou Sasaki, Yuuma, Ui Takano and Rei Katsuma. The book was released on July 15th and published by Harvest under the Minori Bunko label. You can access the label’s website and the book information is located at the 3rd picture featuring Arawn, Limwris, Riannon, Octavia and Lidia(?). The book costs 640 yen (without taxes) and the ISBN number is 978-4-434-13303-9.

Another thing, Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi will be released under the AquaPrice 2800. The game will be re-released in a cheaper version (probably 2,800 yen, I’m not sure)  than the original one. The same goes for the side story, Mystery of Avalon.

A promotion video (PV) for the re-release can be found here: http://aquaplus.jp/ttt/special.html while 2 new commercials (CM) has been put up for viewing at the official site of Mystery of Avalon. That could be found here: http://aquaplus.jp/t3a/special.html . Click for playback of the CM or PV.

Mystery of Avalon has been updated with sample voices of the characters but there is still no news of the new character.

That’s all for now!


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