This was to be posted previously but it never got through. I’m sorry to the new readers of my blog having to read this.

Hi again, feeling very unknownish-ly right now but I think I shall offer my thoughts about why this blog exists that will later be incorporated to our blog’s About page.

Number 1, this blog original existence was to provide Gakuen Alice’s chapter translations and song transliterations. But now we have stopped and moved on to other LaLa serializing series or one-shots (although I have a few particular one-shots that I would want everybody to read).

Number 2, why do we provide updates of Tears and Corda? I wanted everybody to know what the Japanese fans have to go through, release commemoration events, special wallpapers and all those stuff. I don’t see a reason why nobody wants that. Seriously.

Well, I’ve already planned some other content for our blog and as our blog’s second birthday is coming up on July 15th (which is tomorrow!) so the content will come by a little late which will be out during August or so but please watch out!!

Just a little spoiler, the content will be something about mail-in CDs or so~ 😀

Love to all~


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