Pile of updates – Corda and Tears :)

Hi guys! I’m so sorry for not updating it sooner, school work has started to pile and my internet time has gotten a lot shorter since I could the connection could just go off anytime ):

Come on, here’s the Corda updates! Before I start, there will be a post about Koei’s Neoromance Live Summer 2009(!!) 🙂 Please watch out!

Okay, the 13th issue of Otona Anime will feature an interview with Satoshi Hino! The staff blogger said that this magazine is targeted towards the female audience so it will be slightly embarassing for male fans to buy (._.). The guys, you will now have a reason to buy this issue! The interview also discussed a few questions and that answers will not be girls-only this time because this interview also has those answers for the male fans of Neoromance~ (I don’t really know what I meant by those answers >_<”)

The post at the staff blog also have images for the photoshoot of the issue which can be found here: http://6109.jp/corda02/?blog=5362

About the pin badges for the limited pressing of ~secondo passo~, the staff blogger has also given us a glimpse of what the pin badges look like as well as the box that will come together with the pin badge.

The staff blogger commented that the design of the pin badge is very detailed, which I agree that it’s really cute to have something like that 😀 The box that will come together with the pin badge was illustrated for it to be placed on the upper right side of the breast pocket. Ah, just the look of the box with illustrated uniform together with the pin badge with the thought of the guys wearing it… (Come on, someone hit me XD)

The staff blog also stated that Tsukimori-kun, Tsuchiura-kun, Yunoki-senpai and Fuyu’umi-chan is seen wearing these in the TV special~

Look at this post here for the pictures: http://6109.jp/corda02/?blog=6876

About the Animate release of the TV special, anybody who purchases it from the store will receive a special invitation card hand-drawn by character designer, Maki Fujioka. The invitation card also has a comment thanking those who bought the DVD from Animate. This special item is an Animate-only original special item.

You can find the DVD release by Animate here: http://www.animate-shop.jp/ws/commodity_param/ctc/dvd/shc/0/cmc/4107645

For those who want to see the limited pressing’s extras, the image is already up at here: http://www.corda-primopasso.com/dvdcd.html

There will be digital contents being open for download during the Neoromance Live 2009 Summer. This is to commemorate the events that are held twice. The first was at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture and the second one on August 15-16th at the Grand Cube Osaka (or its official name, Osaka International Convention Center).

The first event has already been held on July 11-12 (which was last weekend) and the digital contents are available for download during the days the event is held. The first being the wallpaper and a mobile content. The wallpaper available for download will be different from the other event so please watch out! The mobile content is only accessible through the mobile site of Corda. To get the mobile content, you will need to use the password from the Aniplex DVD&CD news pamphlet (?) that was distributed at the event there.

For the upcoming Osaka event, the time that you can access to the download will be from August 15th 2009 9.00am to August 16th 11.59pm.

About the lucky draw where you send in your coupons from your limited ~secondo passo~ DVD, another 3 lucky winners will get an autographed script by the performers who are appearing for the DVD release commemoration event!

About Tears, remember about the 2nd volume of the DVD and Blu-ray that was to be released on July 15th? The release had been postponed and the volume will be released 2 weeks later than its original date, July 29th. I suppose the reason for the postponement was because something was delayed (probably with the production?). 

There is an image showing a male staff bowing (or some other word) in a same pose like the image of Arthur and Morgan from the second episode(?) and Rathty from the episode after Arthur and the others went against Lidia’s men. You can find the post here: http://t3blog.seesaa.net/article/122959485.html

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! 🙂


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