Tears to Tiara vol.2 DVD/Blu-ray update!

Hi again! Here’s the updates for the second volume release of Tears to Tiara!

The second volume of the DVD and Blu-ray will contain episodes 5, Londinium to 8, Rubrum. Like the first volume, there will also be a full-c0lour booklet. And this time, there will be a cast interview for Makoto Ishii(!!) and he will talk about his similarities and differences with Arthur! Series composition in-charge, Touko Machida will talk about characters(??) while director, Tomoki Kobayashi will talk about the truth about the Gael Tribe stew~

Image of the booklet’s contents can be seen here: http://t3blog.seesaa.net/article/122672645.html

The cute picture of Arthur being hold back by the girls, especially by Riannon and Llyr makes me wanna laugh my heart out! Riannon and Lyrl looks so cute~ Riannon looks like a younger sister hugging her brother to stop him from going somewhere(…) Ahh, I just can’t wait to watch the episode tomorrow!!

I noticed that CDJapan.co.jp has listed a new single by Aira Yuuki titled as weeping alone as the 2nd ending theme for the series, there is still no news confirming this. I’ve double-checked the official site and the staff blog but nothing yet.

Before I forget, there is a drama CD based on the anime and will be released by Bandai Visual on October 7th. The drama CD costs 3,000 yen (including taxes) and the catalogue number is LACA-5931.

The first original soundtrack for the anime series has also been released. Like the drama CD, it also costs 3,000 yen (including taxes) and was released on June 24th. The music for the series was done by Takayuki Hattori.


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