Hello! Mariko here, there’s something I need to address.

I’ve been very busy in real life, so I left all the reporting to Amaya. Though I’m curious, there have been more than 15,000 views in total since we first started out. Being honest, I’m not motivated at all to do anything.

First, why most of you don’t anyone leave “Thank you” messages, especially for the ~secondo passo~ wallpaper (or even anything we post up). Short comments are appreciated. You can say real life has been hard for me. I lack the drive or rather motivation to continue working for this blog. Everyone’s been downloading our translations; hardly either of you says something. I feel so unappreciated.

Both of us are doing this because: “I want international fans to know how the fans in Japan feel” – Amaya

As for me, I don’t want to keep other fans in the dark. Clearly, this sets the statement. I hope you can support us by sending your comments and donations. At least this way, I won’t starve to death.


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