More Tears!

Hi there! Here’s the updates since my last one about the event in Animate’s Nagoya where the episodes are broadcasting. A little spoiler before you read on, a side story of a certain something for this series is going to be released soon~ (Yeah!!, even though I never played before, not to mention not having any gaming console except for my dear PC)

As I said, here are the news of the figurines done by Good Smile Company. I really like their releases done by them and is my absolute favourite. The first announced figurine or Nendoroid is Riannon and Arawn-sama!

The images of the Nendoroid Riannon are very adorable! The likeness between the anime and the Nendoroid is just perfect and the poses given at the staff blog was enough for me to just squeal!~ But for Arawn-sama, the likeness can be compared to what CLAMP’s Seishirou for the CLAMP no Kiseki chess piece (= not that good).

Each Nendoroid costs 3,500 yen and will be released on September and October respectively. The figure will also have a stand for it and it is measured to be 100mm tall.

There are even more cute ones from here: for Riannon and here for Arawn-sama, whose blog belongs to Mika-tan, an employee of Good Smile Company. Mika-tan gave images of different poses and she even showed a pose of Riannon in a kitchen!

The Nendoroids are now available for pre-order. Pictures of Nendoroid Arawn can be seen here:

Okay, the second volume release of the DVD and Blu-ray is coming out on July 15 (and a new volume every month on the same day). The second volume cover features Arthur and Morgan while the limited pressing is the same for the entire release for the series, the sticker poster now features Lylr (pronounced as Suiru)and Epona!

There are also pictures of the first volume DVD and Blu-ray release at the staff blog.

And finally, a gaiden of Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi has been announced! The gaiden (or side story) will be released on September 17th and there will be 2 versions of it, the limited pressing and the normal version.

Although the limited pressing’s specifications has yet to be announced, the price for the limited pressing will be 8,379 yen (including taxes) while the normal version costs 6,825 yen (including taxes). The JAN code for the limited pressing is 4996802090980 while the normal version is 4996802090997.

The title for this release will be ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ 外伝-アヴァロンの謎- Tears to Tiara Gaiden -Mystery of Avalon-. How odd is it to not have Kakan no Daichi to it since it is the PlayStation 3 version that has the current character designs, story and everything.

This release will have the same platform as the original remake and it’s genre listed at the official site is Adventure Simulation RPG, making it the same as the previous one. There will be a new character for this release and no information has yet to be announced while the official site only showed ???  for the character.

Dengeki PlayStation, the magazine (as well as online) was the first to announce it and said that the gaiden will have new scenario as well as a new system which is called the Changeling System. I could not elaborate more here since I’m not familiar with the console. You can find the post here:

The official website for the gaiden can be found here:

Here are all the pictures, click for a bigger version. All images are from the staff blog.

P.S: This entry’s title is by Mari-chan! Thanks, I couldn’t have thought an even better one!


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