Corda news summary!

Hi there! I have really been super-busy this time around and is collecting my report card on Saturday but I’ll try my best to complete this news summary~

First is that there is a lucky draw for the B2-sized poster featuring the cast in their performing outfits drawn by Maki Fujioka, the series’ animation character designer. The illustration is also used for the ~secondo passo~‘s limited pressing DVD cover.

The lucky draw is only limited for those living in Japan, so if any fans are staying in Japan, you will only have to complete your email address, postal number(?), where you are living(?) and your name. There is an optional space where you can also comment on the TV special. The page for this lucky draw is here.

Second is about the release of the continuation of Sweet&Joy<#> (sharp), Kin’iro no Corda~secondo passo~ SWEET&JOY <♭> (flat). The continuation of the character feature CD was released on June 10th and it’s cover features Hihara-senpai, Yunoki-senpai, Shimizu-kun and Kaji-kun! (~~)


Here’s the cover and click for a larger version.

The CD costs 3,000 yen including taxes while the catalogue number is KECH-1499. The limited pressing has a double cover(?) which is the same for the <#> release.

The CD drama has 4 arcs for each character, an extra parody mini-drama and a full chorus version of Hihara-senpai’s new song, if (!!). The parody mini-drama is this,  「天下無敵? 3B+(読み:サンビープラス)が斬ル!」 Tenka Muteki? 3B+ (read as San Bii Purasu) ga Zanru! (I’m not sure whether the romaji is right for the last word… >_<)

Everybody except for Kishou Taniyama voicing Tsukimori-kun and Kentarou Itou voicing Tsuchiura-kun is back for this drama. Satoshi Hino voicing Kiriya Etou and Akemi Satou voicing Fuyu’umi-chan will appear in this CD.

A love ballad compilation, Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~ Tears will be released on August 12 and all the new character solo songs as well as ~secondo passo~‘s insert song (as well as being Kaji-kun’s character solo), You’re in my heart will also be included in this compilation.

There is also a post talking about the <♭>’s recording session but that will be for later.

The compilation will have a bonus track and the summary of it is already up in the staff blog. The title for the post, 収録裏話 ラブバラード集に戦国コルダ!? Behind the Scenes of the Recording Discussion Love Ballad Compilation ni Sengoku Corda!?

And so, the ‘Story’ page of the official site has been renewed. There will be new scenes of the last episode of the special on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To comemorate the TV special’s DVD release, a special event titled as 僕は天使に出会った Boku wa Tenshi ni Deatta which is English, means I’ve Met an Angel.

New characters, Aoi Kaji and Kiriya Etou’s seiyuu, Mamoru Miyano and Satoshi Hino will make an appearance in the event. The event has a talk show and a mini-concert. (Even so, Animate’s website states that the event only have a talk show and a mini-live instead of  a classical mini-concert and a talk show)

The event will be only held twice in the same day and only 100 participants for each round.

Besides that, Aoi Kaji’s viola performer, Yuuri Matsumoto and a pianist who performed Fuyu’umi-chan’s piano in the special episode in ~primo passo~ will be present at the event.

For the event’s details, the event will be held on August 1st in a place somewhere in Tokyo. To get tickets to the event, you will need to use a coupon in the limited pressing of ~secondo passo~‘s DVD releasing on July 22nd and send it to 〒173-0021, Yayoi-cho 77-3, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo and addressed it to 株式会社アニメイト金色のコルダ~secondo passo~」発売記念イベント係.

The coupons must be sent it by July 24th, 2 days after the release of the DVD. Animate’s page for the event is here:

The first event will be scheduled to start at 2.00pm while the second at 5.00pm although the event opens its doors half and hour earlier before the event starts.

Remember that Soukyuu no Score ~The score in blue~ is also available in karaoke? See this here: and the post shows Soukyuu no Score ~The score in blue~ and Crescendo available in karaoke (centres?).

Next is about Tears to Tiara‘s figurine news~ as well as Eden.

P.S: I’m not sure whether I can continue reporting about this since my midterm results kinda suck (failed 3 subjects >< and got a low ranking in class) and my parents want me to concentrate on school(…)


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