One more Tears update!

Hi there! The staff blog has put up another promotional video (PV) for us and you can download it by clicking the ‘Download‘ button and right-click ‘規約に同意してファイルをダウンロードする‘ and click ‘Save target as‘ and you are downloading the video already! Beware though if your connection speed is lower since the file is 6.55MB, mine is already dial-up so it will take quite a while…

On another side, remember that there’s a screening in Nagoya Prefecture? There will again be a screening in the Nagoya branch of Animate. The event will be held at the store’s 2nd floor event space.

The screening will continue from the last event’s episode and will screen from the 5th episode. The 11th episode that is to be aired tonight will also be screened and is the climax of the ‘Lidia arc‘.

The screening is held today and the fifth episode will start screening at 1pm till the 8th episode that will be 2 hours long. From 3pm, the 9th episode will start screening and will last about 1 and a half hours.

For those who enter this event, you will get a announcement poster and a chance for a lucky draw to get the special limited Octavia bolster as a present!

P.S: I’ve watched the PV and it’s another DVD spot like Corda! There was a scene in the PV that the broadcast in Animax didn’t have, how odd is that?


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