Updates on Tears, Corda and Eden!

Hi again! More updates on Tears, Corda and Eden and I’m complaining (slightly) since all the series seemed to be slightly getting quiet then giving us (the fans) updates all at once.

But then fans, please rejoice in having these updates! 🙂

For Tears, the photos for the DVD and Blu-ray release has been released at the staff blog.






The red-coloured one is for the Blu-ray while the blue-coloured one is for the DVD. The DVD and Blu-ray volumes are released every month starting from this month’s 17th.

The staff blog has also provided a photo of a (what seem to be) sketch of Lylr and Rathty.


For Corda, there is an interview between Mamoru Miyano who voiced Aoi Kaji and Reiko Takagi who voiced Kaho-chan. The photos provided by the staff blog is during their photoshoot.

This interview is in the August issue of Voice Newtype and is to be released on July 9th.

The staff blogger commented that there was something about Mamoru Miyano and Reiko Takagi – their height. The difference between Mamoru Miyano’s height and Reiko Takagi’s height is 40 centimetres!

The staff blogger also commented that since most of the guys in the Corda team is tall, Reiko-sama’s (yes, Reiko-sama XD) microphone during the recording of the anime and the drama CDs has to be altered to suit her height. The blogger also said that this also happened in the Seisou Gakuin Sai 2.

Ah, there were small comments of the photos by the blogger. For the first photo, the blogger said the appearance of the secret weapon(!). I can’t really understand the second one but the third one was saying that their pose was really cool. He said something about Reiko-sama eating bananas and wondered whether it tasted delicious.

Here are the pictures.

mamotaka_1 mamotaka_2


Okay, for Eden, there are more interviews of the cast (separately) in a few more magazines! For Animage, there is an interview of Akira Takizawa’s seiyuu, Ryouhei Kimura and for Newtype, the interview is for 2 directors, Kenji Kamiyama and Shouki Tachibana (sorry if the romaji is wrong, I’m not sure whether the romaji is correct, really sorry for my ignorance) for the July Noitamina Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 talk.

In PASH! and pick up, there is also interviews for Eden’s director, Kenji Kamiyama but for Pick Up, it is the director’s second serialization(?). For the Eden series, the series will be the cover for Animation Note No.14 and will have a special collection(?) for it.

The JUIZCALL password will also make an appearance here. The JUIZCALL password is for a game that is held in Japan and it seems like you can win a lot of prizes from it.

There are more than 18,000 participants in the game and is in it’s 9th round.

Newtype, Animage and PASH! will be released on June 10th (which is today) and for pick up, it will be released on June 18th while Animation Note No.14 will be released on June 28th.

Please go buy Voice Newtype to read the interview between Mamoru Miyano and Reiko Takagi and for Tears fans, please quickly pre-order your share of the DVD or Blu-ray!

Note: I read one of the news in the Newtype magazine website, it said that Evangelion’s Blu-ray sales has the highest sales in their first week (first week or something like that) in history, how cool is that? 😀

That’s all for now~ (I just need to find a way to replace my broken speakers and mouse since I’m using MouseKeys D:)


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