Another Eden update! (as well some other stuff)

Hi there! Here’s some Eden of the East updates that I missed a few days back.

The first volume of the DVD and Blu-ray will be released on July 29th and for those who pre-ordered the limited pressing, you will get a special unaired episode which consist of a drama CD and a specially written short story.

Okay, Eden has a special page in that can be found here. You can sample a part of the drama CD by clicking it the bold characters I show here and it will open and play through your Windows Media Player.

ドラマCD「東のエデン第0話 創園篇」の音声を配信。こちらのリンクをクリックしてください。
※Windows Media Playerが起動し、音源の再生が始まります。

In the special page in, there’s a few beautiful wallpapers (well, according to the page, of course :D) for you to download. Follow this heading here: 超絶美術ボードの壁紙ダウンロード and click on the picture for the wallpaper.

The third chapter of the novel adaptation serializing in Da Vinci has been released in the July issue that is going to be on sale in 3 days, so please go buy it!

There’s also an interview with director, Kenji Kamiyama in that can be located here. There is the interview with Kenji Kamiyama for episode 1 and 2 and the ones after that is about Yuusuke Takeda, art director for the series that show scenes from episode 2 to 5 that he worked on(?).

For ~secondo passo~, there’s a new scene that’s up featuring Kaho-chan up close with her violin.

2 more days till broadcast for Second Movement of ~secondo passo~!

Remember, Tears to Tiara DVD and Blu-ray’s first volume is coming out on June 17th!


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