One more Corda update!

Hi there! I’ve been absolutely slacking off now for days after my exams (I’m so sorry for this T_T). I’m busy with cleaning up, selling some stuff on eBay and I don’t understand why I can’t seem to cheer up 😦

But now, here’s another update for ~secondo passo~!

Starting from yesterday (June 2nd), the theme song for the TV special has been released for those who wants to do a karaoke of the song. The site can be found here.

The staff blog has been updated and the blogger talks about Mai Koizumi. Remember Mai-chan from the Orchestra Club in ~primo passo~’s 12th episode? She asked Kaho-chan to listen whether her playing was any good.

Mai-chan is actually voiced by none other than Kaho-chan’s performer, Yuuki Nakajima!

There are also a few things that the staff blogger said about the sub-characters in Corda and that Yunoki-senpai’s fanclub also appeared in the TV special(?).

That’s all for now~ 😀


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