Corda update for Soukyuu no Score ~The score in blue!

Hi there! The single was finally released yesterday and there’s news on the CD-ROM that was with the single!!

For those who bought the single (congrats~ :D), you can download the original PC accessory (or in other words, 2 different wallpapers) from the CD courtesy of ConnecteD. Note that some personal computers are unable to view this.

First, put your CD-ROM into your disk drive and go to here then click on the blue coloured button that links to here that will authenticate your CD then it will let you download the wallpapers. Note that when you place the CD inside your CD player or computer and it starts playing , please press the ‘stop’ button and exit the player software.

Remember that I am not sure what happens next after clicking the blue-coloured button since I didn’t buy the CD.

You will need the latest version of Shockwave and ConnecteD’s plugin which can be downloaded for free which can be found here.

There is a time limit for those who (has the CD) wants to download the CD and it is from May 27th to July 27th. So please, to all those who have the CD, please go download it!

Remember, the next episode for ~secondo passo~ is on July 5th which is next Friday!

P.S: Sorry for the messy post, I wanted to use the ‘Visual’ option during editing but it didn’t show up and ended up using the HTML option.


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