Another Corda/Tears update!

Hi there! Remember the special for the CD single, Soukyuu no Score ~The score in blue~ that I said a few posts back? It’s finally out!

You can now listen to the sample of 「蒼穹のスコア ~The score in blue~」Violin & Piano & Viola Version that has 2 versions. One is called a sabi (service?) version and the viola main version.

You can download the ringtone if you have a Japanese mobile phone and is located in Japan.

According to the info displayed in my Media Player, it’s a Classic Arrange(ment) Service version another is the Classic Arrange(ment) Viola Main version. I’m currently listening to it, it’s so beautiful~

Please go listen to it, it can be found here and just click on one of these: サビver. (Service version) and Violaメインver. (Viola Main version) and it will start playing in your Windows Media Player.

A character feature CD  for ~secondo passo~, Sweet & Joy ♯ has been released yesterday. (♯ stands for sharp.) The CD contains a drama with Tsukimori-kun, Tsuchiura-kun, Etou-kun, Ousaki-senpai, Kanazawa-sensei and Kira-san! Of course, Kaho-chan will be there as well!

The CD costs 3,000 yen including taxes and the catalogue number is KECH-1498. The drama will feature a mini parody as well as a full-chorus of Etou-kun’s song.

For Tears to Tiara, the information for the booklet has been released! The 20 page full-colour booklet will have character introductions, information, interviews with Tohru Ohkawa as Arawn-sama, director Tomoki Kobayashi and series composition (composer) Touko Machida. The cover of the booklet is as below.

Click for bigger versions. From right is the cover for Sweet & Joy, the cover for the booklet for Tears to Tiara and the inside look of the booklet.


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