Inazuma Rock Fest ’09!!

Hi there! I signed up for a (somekind of a) newsletter from Sony Music Japan (and for UVERworld) and yesterday it had said that UVERworld is going to perform at this festival held in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture!~

Okay, UVERworld as well as other artistes that are schedeuled to perform in the event. They are abingdon boys school, Home Made Kazoku, tetsu of L’Arc ~en~ Ciel and T.M. Revolution!!  Whom am I not to fangirl?

The event starts on September 19th to 20th. The event is open at 1pm but starts at 3pm and ends at 8pm. For both days, the ticket costs 7,800 yen and the places are all-standing and arranged by blocks(?). I’m not that sure, but the seats are definitely all-standing.

The tickets go on sale starting from July 18th, so please watch out and mark in on your calendars!

You can find the website here. More updates to come!


4 responses to “Inazuma Rock Fest ’09!!

  • Jean

    Do you think they’ll mail tickets to America?! I’m planning on traveling to there from the US to see it! >__<

    • Amaya

      Hi there! I don’t think they mail tickets to America but you can ask a proxy buyer to buy the ticket for you. Try this website:

      I’m dealing with this person for Yahoo! Auctions to buy a few collectables so I think’s that person’s good 🙂

      Which artiste are you going there for? I just love UVERworld!!~

      Hope you will go for both the concert since there’s 2 days of it! Pictures of the event will be great!

  • Jean

    I just hope they don’t overcharge my budget! ;__;

    I’m looking forward to Home Made Kazoku the most probably, but its a tie between them and TMRevolution. I plan on bringing a camcorder and camera 😉

    • Amaya

      Wow! I like T.M.Revolution really much after hearing his single in Rurouni Kenshin since my exposure to Japanese music is limited to what I hear in anime (how sad is that -_-;)

      But I look forward to UVERworld the most so I hope you can get a few shots of them >_<

      I hope that it will not go over your budget, tell them your budget (that includes the fees and stuff) first so maybe it will go better 🙂

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