Tears DVD/Blu-ray Update!

Hi guys! Here’a another update about the DVD/Blu-ray release, but it’s for Tears to Tiara!

Okay, all these info are from the staff blog, you can find it here.

The first pressing of the DVD for the first volume will contain (as previously reported) a sticker poster (?), a 20 page full colour booklet as well as a specially manufactured package will be included as well.

Volume one will contain episode 1-4, which are from The Resurrection of the Demon King to Avalon. The catalogue number for the Blu-ray is PCXG-50001 while the DVD is PCBG-51411.

The sticker poster (?) included in the first pressing will have Morgan and Octavia as shown in the sample. The cover for the first volume has also been released. Click for a bigger version.

In my opinion, the cover really look Western-ny looking since the title’s in English and it’s odd since the title they promoted was in Japanese.

The reason I’m bickering over the language the title’s in is because that the original PC version was completely different (in character designs) and the title released was Tears to Tiara and not ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ.

That’s why the manga adaptation carries the name Tears to Tiara ~Kakan no Daichi~  instead of just Tears to Tiara. I remembered the slight difference between Riannon’s character in PlayStation 3 and the anime is that her dress, her dress in the PS3 has a slight parting in the middle while the anime shows a complete dress on.

Oh yeah, the volume’s to be released on June 17. The volumes will continously be released every month.


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