Corda and Eden update!

Another update from the staff blog of ~secondo passo~!

Here’s the look of the recording session of the last member in stella quintet+, Mamoru Miyano who voices Aoi Kaji!~ (Silent kyaa~ coming from me here, I even did this for Kishou Taniyama…)

I think there is something special (like the sample for Soukyuu no Score ~The score in blue~) coming up for the CD. The CD is going to be released on May 27th, so please watch out for that!

Here’s the photo of the recording session. Click for a bigger version.

miyano recose

And now, the is the end of the report for all the members of stella quintet+!

Now, for Eden of the East…

Before a post containing comments of the drama CD from the Eden of the East community members, I would like to report that Chica Umino who designed the characters has sent a parcel of food supplies containing snacks for the Production I.G. staff who worked over the Golden Week for the series. You can visit Umino-sensei’s blog here.

The staff even framed the message written on the cardboard! See the post here.

Okay, there are comments from the cast members involved in the drama CD. This of course doesn’t involve Akira Takizawa since only the members of Eden of the East are in the drama CD. The post can be found here

Okay, just remember to pre-order (if you are) because it is releasing on July 27!

Oh yeah, there is a screenshot for episode 7 showing a women with blue hair holding a phone. There’s also a page from for Eden here. It has a dialogue from the drama CD each from the characters.


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