Eden of the East update!

Goodies info are now here and is the first post of Eden of the East for this blog (YAY!~).

DVD and Blu-ray information are also here. For the first pressing of the DVD/Blu-ray volumes, there is an unaired episode of the series which is in the form of a drama CD.

There is also a booklet that contains another story which is a short arc. There is also an interview with the director, Kenji Kamiyama and creditless OP and ED sequences.

The 1st volume is set to be released on July 29th!

For pictures of the Blu-ray, it can be found here: http://juiz.jp/blog/goods/#000121

The series’ OP and ED singles are to be released simultaneously on May 27th and the OP, Oasis’s Falling Down costs 2,100 yen for the first pressing while the normal edition costs 1,575 yen. The limited pressing contains an extra DVD.

school food punishment’s futuristic imagination has 2 versions of the first pressing, one which includes the DVD that costs 1,575 yen and the one that has the CD only costs 1,223 yen.

The original soundtrack for the series will be released on July 29th, the same day which the 1st volume of DVD/Blu-ray will be on sale.

In the shops of Animate, there are 2 limited merchandises available, one is a stainless steel bookmark and charm as well as another novel holder and pen holder(?) illustrated by Chika Umino. To find out where you can get them, please go to here: http://www.animate-shop.jp/ws/commodity_param/ctc/dvd/shc/0/cmc/4110527

There is a mobile phone game that can be played in Japan. They give out passwords to access the game (I suppose) and that it’s currently in the fourth round.

A novel serialization of the series can be found in the monthly Da Vinci magazine. It is published by Media Factory. It has started publishing the chapters from the May issue. It cost 580 yen per copy.

There is also a banner campaign going on so if you want to place their banners at your blog, site anything, please go here: http://juiz.jp/anketo/oubo.html and click the left button. If you can’t reach the page, just go here: http://juiz.jp/anketo/bannerlist.html

An internet radio show is going on and is called Higashi no Eden Housoubu. The radio personalities are Saki Morimi’s seiyuu, Saori Hayami and Akira Takizawa’s seiyuu, Ryouhei Kimura.

It is currently broadcasted by Animate and located here: http://www.animate.tv/digital/web_radio/EDEN.html

That’s all for today!


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