Tears update!

Hi there (again). Just filling in for Mari-chan in updating the Tears series.

Okay, there’re updates at the staff blog which is here: http://t3blog.seesaa.net/

There’s a photo of the poster that Yuuko Gotou as Riannon, Makoto Ishii as Arthur and Tohru Ohkawa as Arawn-sama signed.

There’s also a CM (commercial) or TV spot up for download there. You can also choose to stream it or download it. If you choose to download, click ‘Download’ at the video player then a new window will pop up.

It will lead you to a webpage where everything’s in Japanese and just click this: >> 規約に同意してファイルをダウンロードする or right-click the same thing (before this) and choose ‘Save target as…’ to download it straight away. Clicking the link given opens your Windows Media Player and plays it there.

The photo of the autographed poster mentioned just now. Click for a bigger version.


There’s also a few more updates about the series as well. The prologue CD set contains (Remember the prologue set for the TV series? If not, see the community in LJ) a Navigation DVD and Introduction Note.

The DVD will be narrated by Riannon (Yuuko Goutou) which is about 11 minutes long. The narration will be about the stuff of the world before the TV series started.

The Introduction Note will have the main cast and director’s interview. A full 24 page B5 booklet on the information about the series. I’m not sure about the information inside the booklet though but am sure that it’s certainly something.

This is an event-limited goods and has been sold previously at the AquaFest 2008. It is limited to 1000 copies only.

Just a note, for those who wants to see the image of the Nendoroid Riannon, please go to the link given below. Removed the image since it’s not allowed to be placed on other sites except for the official site only.

Did the same to the other image of the manga illustration.

There is also a few other character goods available for sale. A Nendoroid of Riannon shown here is available for pre-ordering starting from May from Good Smile Company. The price is yet to be announced.

Moreover, key-rings of all the female characters are available for sale here at CDJapan.co.jp as well as figurines of Octovia and Ermin. But unfortunately, Octavia’s figurine as been sold out.

A bolster cover of Octavia is on sale but is only a event-limited goods which is limited to 200 sets of them. It is sold for 8,000 yen and its size is 1600mmX500mm.

I highly recommend people who are not comfortable of ecchi or hentai to look at the picture given at the official site since it’s very *ehhem*. Bolster covers are often of this type of picture even though the series are an all-ages version.

Oh yeah, the 5th episode’s summary and a few screenshots are now available at the official site which is here: http://tearstotiara.jp/story/#story05  The 4th episode of the internet radio is now up already!


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