Important things to address…

Hi! I’ll be reporting news about the ongoing anime series, Tears to Tiara. ^_~ I’m watching the simulcast; therefore, I may post up summaries or reviews. Please watch out for it.

However, I found out there’s a little game you can play at the site. There you GO!

Um, I hope you guys don’t mind that I complain at little… Someone has been uploading the theme song to another site for people to download. I urge the person to take it off, by doing it you do not respect my blog, the uploader or Neko no Me itself.

I took the opportunity to ask the uploader whether I can share with you all, she happily agreed. While Amaya has taken the link off, those who want them can try asking. Rather than doing things behind my back, it’s not really nice. I’m sorry to put things so harshly; this is the very first time I’ve done something like this. Yes, it’s true! My friends rarely get to see me so “hype-d up”. Only Amaya gets easily irked.

I would like to say this again, please take it off! Do not share the links we put up to anywhere else!!

One lesson that I’ve learned is never take people for granted. You can just ask. Regarding the Corda wallpaper, I’ve saved both sizes in case anyone wants them.

I’ve updated the FAQs, just take a look.

See ya,

PS: I created a Kishou Taniyama community, Hana to Akuma and Tears to Tiara!


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