Corda update!

Hey there! This update is the follow-up of the one we did last time. —>

Okay, the tracklist of ~secondo passo~’s Classic Collection is as below.

The first track is Mikhail Glinka’s Prelude of Ruslan and Lyudmila. This is Glinka’s second opera. Number 2 is Antonio Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto ‘The Four Seasons’ ”Autumn” Op. 8-3’s First Movement. The third track is Robert Schumann’s Kinderscenen (lit. scenes from childhood) No. 7 Traümerei. The fourth is Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy with its prelude and 4 other continuation tracks. The 8th track or the fifth piece in the CD is Mozart’s K.525 Eine kleine Nachtmusik Fourth Movement(?). セレナーデ第13番「アイネ・クライネ・ナハトムジーク」ト長調K.525 より 第4楽章. I can’t find it in my music dictionary. I suppose that it’s Serenade but it seems to be something else. So please, can someone help?  The last piece is by パラディス(ドゥシュキン編):シチリアーノ. Yet another one that I don’t understand. It is read as Paradisu (Doushukin Arc): Shichiriān (probably Cicilianne?)

Kahoko Hino, Violin by Yūki Nakajima (M2, 5)/中川和歌子 (M6)
Ren Tsukimori, Violin by Kōichirō Muroya (M1, 2, 5)
Ryōtarō Tsuchiura, Piano by Masaru Okada (M1)
Kei’ichi Shimizu, Cello by Tomoki Tai (M1, 2, 5)
Kazuki Hihara, Trumpet by Kazuki Abe (M1)
Azuma Yunoki, Flute by Shin Endō (M1)
Aoi Kaji, Viola by Yūri Matsumoto (M1~3, 5)
Kiriya Etō, Violin by 依田真宣 (M4)
Shōko Fūyu’umi, Clarinet by Tomoko Nishizaki (M1)
Piano accompanist, by 高梨志保 (M3, 4, 6)

*I assume that M stands for piece in the CD. The first being Glinka’s, second for Vivaldi, third for Schumann, fourth for Sarasate and fifth for (question mark).

I still don’t know the performers’ names of one of Kaho-chan’s perfomers, Etou-kun and the piano accompanist.

The Classic Collection is actually a collection of pieces played in the special (I think) with the DVD video of the performers as well as interviews. As always, the DVD is only for those who ordered the limited pressing. There was also a jacket-sized clear sticker as a bonus for the limited pressing.

Okey dokey, there’s more after that. There are updates on the recording sessions of the guys recording the theme song provided by the staff blog.

morita-1    morita-2

Click for bigger images.

The first one featured Masakazu Morita, then Kentarō Itō and now Jun Fukuyama.


The blogger even commented that Tsuchiura-kun must be having a hard time after the concours since he’s juggling both music and soccer.


He also said that Fukuyama is holding his headphone so casually as though he’s listening to a sample in a CD shop.


Now, Yūya Uchida who voices Akihiko Kira has an interview in cool voice that is going to be released on April 25th.  Here’s the link to his blog:

gakuin-sai     lights

This year’s Seisou Gakuen Sai 2 seems to have La Corda as the main attraction since the blogger said that ‘It’s been 2 years since it’s a Corda only event’. For the opening of the festival, Kōichirō Muroya with the entire string quartet played the theme song for ~secondo passo~ and the seiyū came and sing along with the performers.

The crowd was waving their twinkling lights that was sold in 6 colours, blue, red, purple, green, orange and white. The blogger bought the white one. It seems that (I guess) Mamoru Miyano sang Kaji’s song; You’re in my heart during the event.

Pictures can be found in the blog since I’m personally too lazy to put it up here. (Maybe Mari-chan will do it later) Just go here and look for the entry with the twinkling lights or Kaji’s You’re in my heart CD cover.


There’s an omake where there’s a roll cake that had Kira’s face on it (or something like that, I’m not sure) and the flowers the blogger sent on behalf of the company for the event.


The April issue of Voice Newtype featured Kiriya Etō with a pin-up and Satoshi Hino with an interview that was released on March 10.


The picture above is during a photoshoot of Yuuya Uchida and Satoshi Hino for the magazine PASH!. They also have an interview, all in the May issue.

Another update regarding Kisho Taniyama soon!~


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