Updates and lots more…

Hi guys! I actually already typed this entry and was supposed to post this up last night but my computer just crashed. Can you even believe that? I mean, the entry was kinda long and I spend a but of  my time on it but then it’s fine.

First, this is about ~secondo passo~’s theme song, Soukyuu no Score ~the score in blue~.  nefisa_echizen, an LJ user kindly ripped the TV version of the theme song and is located at the LiveJournal community of La Corda. Mari-chan has kindly asked her permission to whether we can post up the link here in which she agreed to it!

Here’s the link to the download. Remember, I’ll be removing it after 1 week since I don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities since I’m in the mood to make this blog a bit more legal (after being more inspired by Emily from another blog). ^_^;

Here’s the link to the download: Removed. Thanks for downloading it!

Number 2 on the list is that I’ve updated the FAQs so please go read it as there’s an issue about where the news sources come from that irkes Mari-chan in a very big way. ><

Third, I have added a Links page. The difference between the Links and Link Exchange page is that the sites under the Exchange page has requested me to add them here and vice versa while the Links page is for sites that I’ve added without the request (or more like voluntarily) of the site owner.

Fourth, I want to add that I already added a site under the Links page. I added her site since Emily’s site is so great because she has lots of summaries about one-shot manga and certain short series as well. I did this partly because of her ‘predicament’ since no much people are visiting her site often enough.

So, please visit the site by clicking the banner below. If you do visit, please watch out titles like: Ten no Ryuu*Chi no Sakura – Momo Sumomo and Sakura Rhythm Usami Maki.

More mangaka to watch out for are (of course!) Usami Maki, Momo Sumomo, Jinna Mai, Ikezawa Satomi, Oto Hisamu and Ooya Kazumi (who wrote Himeyaka na Delta, but this is not available in her site which I borrowed from friend of Mari-chan).

If there are other mangka for me to recommend are, Ozaki Ira’s AM8.00 Kimi ga Suki, Egakunara Happy End and 1.8m(2) no Himegoto, Nakamura Sayumi’s Hoshiori which are all a very good and refreshing read, in my opinion.

Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Banner

That’s all for today!


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