Everything including ~secondo passo~, KisuHaya and Kaichou!

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I updated about the progress of the blog and everything… I’m really sorry – gomen ne >_<

Okay, I’ve been really really busy since the second week of March. My homework’s already piling up, public speaking practice, Maths and almost everything are backlogged.

About the translations for the one-shots are still in progress although there’s (literally) no progress since the then and I’m still quite busy with everything right now but I’ll try to squeeze in my time for Love So Life and Kisu Yori mo Hayaku (and Hitomi Kara Destiny… Goodness, I have so much on my hands right now ! ><). I also downloaded the KisuHaya chapters 20-22 in Japanese and a 16-page special chapter of Teppei that’s in Chinese.

Kisu Yori mo Hayaku is abbreviated as KisuHaya in Japan. The May issue of LaLa just came out the day before yesterday and it seems to be that Kazuma-sensei’s father wants to meet Fumino and Teppei, together with Kazuma of course. The April issue is the opening chapter to a new volume so it has 2 colour pages (Yeah! GO KisuHaya!).

Just a little spoiler about the chapter (just in case no one has done it yet, if yes, I’m really sorry for the lateness of stuff) 20, it has a colour page featuring Fumino and Margaret wearing red strapless dress in red, Fumino with slight frills while Meg has the simple one. Love.19 has Kazuma and Shouma, Love.21 has no colour page but it features Kazuma holding out his hand. Love.22 (like I mentioned before) has 2 colour pages featuring the ‘Ojiro family’ but mainly Fumino and Kazuma-sensei with Teppei wearing a bee costume. ^U^

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is having its 7th volume coming out on April 3rd, so watch out Japanese readers! Since I bought the volumes in Chinese, I’ll need to wait about another 2-3 months after the volume comes out for the Chinese translations. T-T

Today, the first episode of Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~ is going to be broadcasted on 12am! Here’s the info I copied from the official site. The second episode’s broadcast date has yet to be announced.

Broadcast times
:March 26 (Thursday) 24:00~24:30 / 28:00~28:30
:March 29 (Sunday) 24:00~24:30

Maybe there’s a repeat at 4 because the info in LaLa Special states that it starts broadcasting at 4am but that I’m not sure.

About the episodes, (please don’t come mob us! >x<) we can’t possibly post about it since we only have dial-up, so gomen! I’ll try to search whether anyone did the summaries for them.

Mari-chan is doing Kaichou but has a million things to do, she’ll post it up soon! I didn’t say when but soon!

P.S: The news about the KisuHaya and Love So Life is slightly out-dated, but there’s a little progress going on the two, so please watch out!

P.S.S: Strawberry Mint Subs is going to fan-sub ~secondo passo~, it’s right here: http://www.strawberrymint.com/. Although it is yet to be released yet.


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