Latest news! Update on ~second passo~!!!

Today’s latest news, fresh off the shelves! *laughs*

Firstly, additional details of ~secondo passo~ has been announced at the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF).

The image of the bag-sized illustation done by Fujioka Maki has been released. It may be subject to change. To know how to get the bag, please check at the venue, but remember, the amount of  bags are limited so go grab it quick! The image at the back of the bag is Senjou no Valkyria.

 bag illustration

Click the image for a bigger picture.


Secondly, the CD and DVD’s release dates has been announced!!  Aniplex’s booth (at TAF) are accepting pre-orders for them right now.

The CD is set to be released on May 27th and jacket illustration done by anime character designer Fujioka Maki. It will feature the characters in their summer uniform, as seen in the Characters page of the official site.

Specifications (Limited pressing)

  • 2 character cards (randomly chosen between 3 designs)
  • Some sort of desktop accessory

As for the DVD, it will be released on July 22th. Here’s the specifications for the limited pressing:

  • A special DVD
  • Seisō Gakuin summer uniform pins
  • A special booklet

Both editions of the DVD contains the collected 2 episodes and 10 minutes of unbroadcasted scenes.

For those who want to see the character designer in action, please reserve your seats with the TAF in advance. Those who reserve their seats will get a special item. They didn’t mention what it is. However, here’s the image for the “item”.


Click the image for a bigger picture.

Before I forget, the TAF is opening its doors to the public from March 20-21st.  Here’s the outline:

Date: March 20-21
Venue: Halls 4-6, Tokyo Big Sight, East International Exhibition Centre, Tokyo
Open: From 10am to 6pm, admission is not allowed 30 minutes before closing time.

Those who reserved their tickets for event has cheaper rates.

  • Adults – ¥800
  • Middle/high school students – ¥400

Those who purchase their tickets on that day, the rates are higher.

  • Adults – ¥1000
  • Middle/high school students – ¥500   

Elementary school students, elderly aged 65 and up, the disabled can enter the event free of charge.

Here‘s the official site in English while this is in Japanese.

Today is also the start of the Seisō Gakuin Sai 2, for those who are attending, please enjoy yourself! ^_^



5 responses to “Latest news! Update on ~second passo~!!!

  • ShiKa

    Thanks for the info. 😀

    I would like to ask something…
    Does secondo passo have 2 episodes only??? 25 minutes each??

    Sorry.. I can’t quite understand what’s happening.
    Thanks. 😀

    • Amaya

      Well, the broadcast schedule shows 30 minutes for each episode but it may be 25 minutes without commercials.

      Yes, it’s 2 episodes.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

  • Judith

    So sorry for my stupid question but when is the bag going to be released?

    • Amaya

      According to the news, you have to find out from the event.

      I don’t live there but that’s what the news at the official site said.

      Sorry if this doesn’t help.

  • ShiKa

    Thank you for the info!

    Ah. I see. Too bad it’s short. T_T
    Well… I guess it’s okay at least there is something to look forward to after all those years.

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